Organizing your garage may not seem like a fun task, but the truth is, it can be if you are transforming it into a space of your dreams. Ideal garage space is clean, well-organized, and might even have a pop of color. When it comes to garage design, the possibilities are endless. We’ve come up with some ways to spiff up your garage using the combination of Everest white cabinets and great-looking Orlando garage floors.

Artistic Retreat Space
Are you tired of working on your artistic creations or hobbies in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom? If so, it’s time to think within the four walls of your garage. Our Everest white cabinet pieces are the perfect neutral to whatever color you choose for creative inspiration in your ideal work area. Wood-top desk pieces add a touch of character and provide you space for drawing and writing. Create ample storage for raw materials and tools by incorporating square wall cabinets or rolling floor cabinets. If you like your materials to be a part of the decor, you can also consider organizing them with our patented “slat wall: style tracks are made for hanging baskets, bins, and hooks. Another level of personalization and usability can come from installing an AmorSeal floor. These sealed floors are not only extremely durable but also have an amazing resistance to chemicals and abrasions.

Versatile Laundry Area
Did you know that Americans spend an average 17 minutes per day doing laundry? That is almost 104 hours a year doing laundry! If your home doesn’t have space for a comfortable and functional laundry room, consider your garage as an alternative. When people think of a garage, they might not feel it is the cleanest place to do laundry, but with the right equipment, it can be the relaxing space you need to take on that chore.

When designing a laundry room in an area of your garage, you should organize storage units around your washer and dryer. If space allows, placing an Everest cabinet between your appliances creates an extended folding area. A slat wall system works wonders for this plan. You can install hooks on the wall to hold laundry bags and baskets to easily separate white, light, and dark clothing. A utility shelf directly above the washer and dryer can hold any items you need for quick access. Now that you have a fully organized laundry space you can stock up on detergent, bleach, and softener products!

Retro Entertainment and Storage Area
Do you love that ‘50s and ‘60s retro diner/soda shop look? You can easily re-create that with a bit of creative planning. First, start with the flooring to cover that concrete with an attractive slip-resistant coating like ArmorSeal. Choose large, medium, and small rolling cabinet sizes with drawers and shelves to optimize storage options. Select two or three wall cabinets and install track lights underneath for extra illumination. These storage products should give you plenty of space for a refrigerator, stereo system, furnishings, and perhaps, a cool bar.

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