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Reduce Your Storage Unit Cost by Getting Your Garage Organized

Renting a storage unit may seem like a practical decision, but if you have a garage, there are clever ways to reduce or eliminate this extra monthly expense. By using a selection of durable Orlando garage cabinets, you can fit countless items into compact garage spaces. Read on to find out how it’s done.

Begin by Sorting Stored Items

If you’re paying storage costs for longer than a year, it’s time to sort through everything you have in your storage unit. There may be more than a few items that can be given away or sold. Consider what’s important to your lifestyle and what you can easily live without. For example, do you really need to keep all those old CDs, decorations, clothing, and kitchenware?

Plan Your Garage Redesign

Your garage is more than just a place to keep stuff, it’s an extension of your home. Take some time to visualize what type of remodeled garage you’d like. Perhaps you’d like a combination workshop and storage room. Or, you want to create a space for working out, or maybe a laundry and mud space is more appealing. The sky’s the limit as far as design goes, and you can consult the experts at Garage Design Works for additional great ideas.

Use Flexible Organizing Systems

Putting all the pieces of your garage plan together is so much easier when you select popular organizing helpers such as sleek, stylish Everest White Cabinets and the latest slat wall systems.

Cabinets Galore

Everest cabinets work beautifully with any type of garage design plan, and the reason why is because they come in all sorts of sizes and configurations. You can easily mix and match small, medium, and large size cabinets to provide the space for many items you currently pay to store. With several tall, roomy cabinets, you can eliminate a good portion of things presently occupying cardboard boxes. Additionally, you can create an attractive counter workspace using one or more wood-top cabinets.

Put Walls to Good Use

Slat wall systems utilize sturdy wall slats that are horizontally fixed onto sections of the wall. The slats are wide enough to insert a myriad of metal hooks, great for hanging small and large tools that are usually scattered about. Get creative and insert shelving and even nylon baskets. If you like, we can install Orlando garage cabinets directly onto slats for seamless storage you’ll be proud to show off to your friends.

Ready to Ditch Storage Units?

Garage Design Works can help save you a bundle in storage costs. Call us today at 407-447-8890 or send us a message online for a free garage design consultation.

Ways to Find a Perfect Gardeners Paradise in Your Garage

You’ve got big plans for your home garden, but you’re annoyed with the lack of space your home provides you to embrace your inner garden nerd. There’s no room for more plant pots, gardening tools, and decorative accents. The experts at Garage Design Works would like to let you in on a little secret. With a touch of creativity, the right storage solutions, and Orlando garage floor epoxy, you can make a serene private gardening paradise.

Right now, your garage is just a collection of random stuff, but you can clear that all away and transform your garage into a functional space to grow your green thumb ideas. Three essential elements can that can help you pull this design plan together are:


  • New Flooring
    Gardening can get messy at times, and if you’re going to work in your garage, it’s good to have a floor that can withstand dirt and occasional spills. Consider giving the garage floor new life with ArmorSeal epoxy flooring in a color of your choice. This modern flooring system coats the original flooring with a self-priming color and covers that layer with protective stain-resistant layers.



  • Wall Storage
    Most garages have underutilized space, and your garage may have lots of extra space for gardening tools and supplies. Slat wall systems are modern, fun, and offer numerous creative ways to use garage walls for storage. One of the great things you can do with this storage method is organize your collection of gardening tools. Simply install compatible hooks into the slats and hang your tools wherever you please. Bunch small tools together, and organize brooms, rakes, and shovels on another section of the wall



  • Storage Cabinets
    Create an organized workspace using Everest white storage cabinets that glide over Orlando garage floor epoxy. Constructed of sturdy steel, these metal cabinets come with and without wood block countertops. Create ample workspace for potting flowers and plants using a combination wood surface desk and wood top cabinets. Scoot the cabinets under the desk when not in use, and pull them out to instantly expand your work area. Treated wood surfaces give your garage a warm aesthetic that matches the earth-friendly gardening theme.


How to Get Started

Garage Design Works can help you plan the functional and pleasing gardening workspace for hours of gardening fun. Send us a quick message online or call us at 407-447-8890 so our experts can help you find the right Orlando garage floor epoxy and storage solutions for you!

Create the Illusion of a Livable Space in Your Garage

31Trying to come up with ideas to transform your garage into an extended living space? The key is coming up with an Orlando home organization plan that turns your garage into a place where you, your family, and friends enjoy spending time hanging out. Your garage is capable of so much more than just a storage place for paint cans, lawn maintenance tools, and sports equipment. The two things that can help turn it into a livable space are garage cabinets and slat wall systems.

What are Garage Cabinets?
Unlike your bathroom and kitchen, your garage was created for housing a car and store items that don’t fit in the home, but it can be so much more. By incorporating Gladiator garage cabinets, you can not only neatly store your items, but create more central floor space to make a livable room. If you’re familiar with gym and school lockers, you’ll understand how to place Gladiator garage cabinets. These lockers come in various sizes from small and boxy to tall and slender.

What are Slat Walls?
Slat wall systems are a modern storage solution that transforms simple walls into super-efficient storage space. The first part of the system involves installing elongated ‘slats’ made of durable material onto one or more garage walls. The second part consists of installing special hooks into the slats for hanging and holding various containers, tools, and all sorts of items. There are numerous ways to use these hooks, and they allow you to store way more than mere shelving alone.

Creating Your Livable Garage Space
Our garage cabinets offer a plethora of space-saving solutions with clean lines. Our Gladiator Premier Series Cabinets are known for their superior strength, while our Everest White Cabinets provide the same strength, but with a decorative touch. Some have rolling wheels, making them easy to move around if you need to adjust the garage space. Enjoy storing clothing, pantry items, tools, craft materials, toys, and various odds and ends inside drawers or on top of shelves. Combined with a slat wall system, the cabinets keep your garage neat, organized, and easily accessible.

Slat walls can also create the visual vitality that a livable space calls for, but also provides the flexibility to custom create what you store. You can also bring the outside in with a wall of plants or herbs. This addition will create a calming space for your guests and excellent connector between the inside and outside.

Want one of our Orlando home organization experts to provide you with a free in-home consultant? Give us a call at 407-447-8890 or send us a quick message online and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment.

Spooktacular Ways to Organize Your Halloween Decor

Every year you look forward to Halloween and the annual ritual of decorating your home to celebrate that time of year when little ghouls, monsters, and witches roam the land. Before you can decorate, you need to sort through all that you’ve accumulated over the years, hoping to find everything still intact. Some of these treasures are stuffed away in closets, and some mysteriously find their way to corners of your garage, and they may even be covered in real cobwebs. If you’re ready to remove the clutter from your Halloween decoration festivities, we have some Orlando garage storage ideas you need in order to consider.

Hang Them From the Ceiling

There’s an ingenious way to make your favorite Halloween decorations float above the floor. No, it isn’t due to magic, although you may feel like a magician when your holiday items seem to disappear until next year with the help of ONRAX, the industrial strength ceiling storage. With this storage option, you have over nine shelf sizes to choose from, you can pack away items as heavy at 800 pounds and adjust the shelves to the to height you desire.

Cabinets the Way You Want Them

Don’t feel like you have to stuff decorations in a box and haul it into your attic. You invested in these decorations so it is only natural that you would want to protect them until next year. With our Gladiator cabinet options, you can easily find one or more that fit your storage needs. Our lifetime limited warranty cabinets tuck away and protect your decorations and give you quick access to everything at once when prepping your inventory for the next year.

Use Smart Shelving

If you are a fan of Halloween all year long, then our slat wall systems may be the garage storage choice for you. Just like the name implies these systems are crafted of slats that attach to the wall, giving you an open canvas for any type of storage you like. You can display according to your masterful vision after choosing solid shelves or wire shelves that lock into position. Thanks to this smart wall shelving, you can easily display any number of select ghoulish items from your collection as a fixed decoration inside your garage. These decorative items will stay put until you’re ready to weave them into your indoor and outdoor Halloween displays.

The experts at Garage Design Works are available to help you conjure up spooktacular Orlando garage storage ideas for Halloween and more. Don’t wait for to unpack the next batch of holiday decorations, contact us today by at 407-447-8890 or send us a quick message online, and we’ll be happy to chat about your garage needs.

Ways to Jazz Up Your Garage Organization

Organizing your garage may not seem like a fun task, but the truth is, it can be if you are transforming it into a space of your dreams. Ideal garage space is clean, well-organized, and might even have a pop of color. When it comes to garage design, the possibilities are endless. We’ve come up with some ways to spiff up your garage using the combination of Everest white cabinets and great-looking Orlando garage floors.

Artistic Retreat Space
Are you tired of working on your artistic creations or hobbies in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom? If so, it’s time to think within the four walls of your garage. Our Everest white cabinet pieces are the perfect neutral to whatever color you choose for creative inspiration in your ideal work area. Wood-top desk pieces add a touch of character and provide you space for drawing and writing. Create ample storage for raw materials and tools by incorporating square wall cabinets or rolling floor cabinets. If you like your materials to be a part of the decor, you can also consider organizing them with our patented “slat wall: style tracks are made for hanging baskets, bins, and hooks. Another level of personalization and usability can come from installing an AmorSeal floor. These sealed floors are not only extremely durable but also have an amazing resistance to chemicals and abrasions.

Versatile Laundry Area
Did you know that Americans spend an average 17 minutes per day doing laundry? That is almost 104 hours a year doing laundry! If your home doesn’t have space for a comfortable and functional laundry room, consider your garage as an alternative. When people think of a garage, they might not feel it is the cleanest place to do laundry, but with the right equipment, it can be the relaxing space you need to take on that chore.

When designing a laundry room in an area of your garage, you should organize storage units around your washer and dryer. If space allows, placing an Everest cabinet between your appliances creates an extended folding area. A slat wall system works wonders for this plan. You can install hooks on the wall to hold laundry bags and baskets to easily separate white, light, and dark clothing. A utility shelf directly above the washer and dryer can hold any items you need for quick access. Now that you have a fully organized laundry space you can stock up on detergent, bleach, and softener products!

Retro Entertainment and Storage Area
Do you love that ‘50s and ‘60s retro diner/soda shop look? You can easily re-create that with a bit of creative planning. First, start with the flooring to cover that concrete with an attractive slip-resistant coating like ArmorSeal. Choose large, medium, and small rolling cabinet sizes with drawers and shelves to optimize storage options. Select two or three wall cabinets and install track lights underneath for extra illumination. These storage products should give you plenty of space for a refrigerator, stereo system, furnishings, and perhaps, a cool bar.

Take a look how Gladiator products can make sure your passions are always within reach.

Our experts at Garage Design Works can help jazz up your garage with our garage organization storage products and Orlando garage floors. Contact us online or call 407-447-8890 today for a free consultation.

Maximizing Your Garage Space for Hurricane Season

When hurricane season begins, an uneasy feeling lingers due to their unpredictability. The moment a nearby tropical storm is upgraded to a hurricane, questions of how to prepare immediately rush over you. As Floridians, we tend to not to worry about hurricanes until they get to a specific category, but experts say you should always plan for the worst. The strength and frequency of hurricanes are on the rise and now is the time to implement a strategic Orlando garage organization plan that maximizes the effectiveness of your space. Here are some great ideas for protecting you and your family from harm, while keeping your personal property safe from damage.

A survey by Gladiator Garage Works discovered that nearly one in four Americans are not able to fit their car in the garage because it is too cluttered. Your car is one of the most expensive purchases in your life. When a hurricane comes rolling through, do you want to risk your vehicle being exposed to the debris and high winds? I’m sure your answer is no. To move items into your garage, you need to find a place for the things that are currently there. To get more space on your garage floor, just look up! Our overhead storage options give you extra shelving to organize your garage space and bring in other items that are commonly left outside.

Bicycles that usually sit outside can be lifted off the ground during a fierce storm and turned into projectiles. If stored inside your home, you run the risk of someone getting hurt, especially when the power goes out. So what can you do? Store your bikes in the garage! Avoid having your bikes freestanding in your garage, because they can damage anything they fall against. The solution is to secure them with our sturdy bike hooks that are attached to a Gladiator hanging wall storage systems. Our patented “slat wall” track gives you the flexibility to hang your bikes vertically or horizontally.

Toys and Activity Equipment
Instead of piling toys and equipment such as balls, skates, and portable trampolines into closets, transfer them to your garage. Give yourself more space indoors, by using that same wall storage system, and its accessories. Our flexible storage baskets can be used for basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls. Open storage baskets can help tuck away items like baseballs and skating equipment. And let’s not forget those odd-shaped things like the trampoline! Just use our hooks to securely hang it on the wall near the bikes.

Barbecue Grilling Items
Protect your barbecue grill from impending damage by storing it against the garage wall between two rolling garage cabinets. This arrangement provides a buffer on three sides. Place the BBQ utensils and accessories into plastic bins and store within the nearby cabinets or garage shelving in case your power goes out and you need to use it to cook your food.

Pool and Patio Items
More than 10.4 million homeowners have pools, so it is essential to designate space in your garage for storing pool and patio accessories, as well as other outdoor portable items. Our tall Gladiator garage cabinets are durable and have multiple shelves for storing pool cleaning products, deflated inflatables, and small pool toys. Hang foldable chairs on large metal wall hooks. Patio furniture cushions can hang from ceiling hooks, or lay flat on metal ceiling shelves.

Need More Ideas?
The experts at Garage Design Works are just a call or online message away to provide you with a free consultation about Orlando garage organization. Give us a call at 407-447-8890 or send us a quick message online and we’ll be happy to chat about your garage needs.

How to Boost Your Yard Work Efficiency with Organization

Taking good care of your yard often requires keeping various yard tools on hand to make your job easier. Since storage space is limited inside of your home, the best alternative for storing these handy tools is usually your garage. While it’s great to have someplace to keep outdoor tools and supplies, the downside is having a mixture of tools stashed here and there, with no real system of organization. If you feel annoyed each time you head into the garage to retrieve hedge clippers, rakes, shovels, and grass trimmers, it’s time for an Orlando home organization update.

Organizing Large Tools
There’s no better place than the garage to store a variety of large tools that are routinely used for outdoor yard work. The biggest are the lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and ladders followed by rakes, shovels, saws, trimmers, and gas blowers. All these items take up lots of garage space, but you can utilize wall space to make these tools more visible, and easily reachable.

Select a modern slat wall system that includes grooves for adjustable hooks. The slats create attractive horizontal storage in sections, or across an entire wall. Wall slats combined with specially designed metal hooks are sturdy enough to securely hold a bulky wheelbarrow, short and tall ladders, hoses, and your collection of manual and motorized tools that easily fit side-by-side on the wall.

Organizing Small Tools
Small hand tools such as gardening shears, diggers, and pliers are every bit as important to yard work as larger tools but require more organization to find. You may want to devote a section of slat wall to hang these tools, or you can choose contemporary garage cabinets with extension shelves or deep drawers to keep track of various collections of hand tools and accessories. Storing these tools inside of cabinets removes clutter and keeps them safely away from small children and pets.

Organizing Supplies
When organizing various supplies used for yard work, the frequency of use should be a consideration. Consider grouping supplies together according to seasonal needs or tasks. For instance, bags of potting soil, seeds, watering cans, and growing solutions stay accessible inside a designated metal garage cabinet with adjustable shelves. Directly above, you can place your collection of empty planters on an overhead storage platform.

Proper Storage Extends Tool Life
Protecting your investment in valuable yard tools is a good reason to begin working on your organization plan. When all your tools have a designated storage spot, they are better protected from damages due to accidents or neglect.

Cut time and effort from your yard work duties with an efficiency-boost to your Orlando home organization plan from Garage Design Works. Contact us online or call 407-447-8890 for a free consultation.

Convert Your Garage to the Ultimate Car Workshop

Turning your garage into a bona fide car workshop is an exciting idea, and it’s time to start planning your dream home workshop. That includes looking at cool options for new Orlando Garage Organization. Before you can make it happen, you’ll need a thorough organization plan.

Car Repair Layout
Take a good look inside of your garage and envision where you’d like to set up car repair operations. Whether you enjoy working on old classic cars or new ones, you’ll need plenty of space to work on the car without bumping into things. Create a workspace by clearing the floor as much as possible using a slat wall storage system such as the one made by Gladiator. This system smartly uses wall space in order to organize items that must be stored in the garage, but aren’t directly related to car repair. You can secure gardening tools, hoses, power tools, and even bicycles to the wall, and strong hooks ensure items stay put.

The perimeter of your car repair area is the perfect place to install durable Gladiator metal cabinets. Modular metal cabinets designed for tool storage come in rolling wheel and wall mount versions. When done with your tools they can be easily stored away and out of sight.

Storing Car Care Items
In addition to tools, chances are you’ll need storage for a bevy of car care products and accessories. Consider using one or more tall Gladiator two-door metal cabinets with adjustable shelves for storing the bulk of these items. There may be some items such as cleaners, polishes, and waxes that you want to keep within easy reach. These things can sit inside of an open basket secured to a section of slat wall.

Make Use of Overhead Storage
Metal overhead storage systems consist of open metal platforms with adjustable arms attached to the ceiling. A row of platforms provides durable storage space for tires, portable gasoline containers, and bins filled with various odds and ends. Overhead storage is ideal for rarely used items that don’t neatly fit anywhere else.

Switch to No-Hassle Flooring
While you’re re-doing your garage design, take the opportunity to jazz up your workshop flooring. ArmorSeal epoxy flooring comes in several cool patterns, and makes cleaning a breeze. Cement floors stain easily, and since you can’t rule out spills from oils and fluids, choosing a premium or platinum level epoxy finish ensures the garage floor looks awesome year-round.

Get Workshop Planning Help
Garage Design Works can help you get your Orlando garage organized so you can get to planning your ideal car repair workshop right away! Call us today at (407) 447-8890 or drop us an online note to set up a free consultation.

Which Wall System is Best? Slat Wall or Pegboard

The most popular systems for garage walls are slat wall and pegboard systems. At first glance, you may think both are similar, and it doesn’t matter which one you pick. However, if you want lots of versatility, and care about aesthetics for any Orlando garage organization project, one choice clearly stands head and shoulders above the other.

Style Differences
The physical differences jump out immediately when visually comparing slat wall organizers against pegboards. Slat walls are constructed of durable materials into elongated horizontal strips that sit flush to the wall. Their visual effect resembles outdoor home siding. Pegboards, on the other hand, are made of individual panels with numerous holes. Both systems use hooks for hanging items. If you prefer an elegant look for your garage, slat wall systems have a sleek, modern look. Alternatively, the exposed remaining holes from pegboards are hard to ignore.

If you are going to put in the time to organize your garage with a wall system, aesthetics may be of importance. Especially if you intend to use your garage as an extra room for hobbies or entertainment. But, looks aren’t everything, right? So, let’s look at functionality.

Organizing with Holes vs. Slats
Pegboards have been around for a long time, and there’s no denying that they’re easy to use. Each board contains numerous holes, and you can decide where to insert the hooks to hang your items. Peg holes are typically spaced inches apart which limits ways you can personalize. The sheer number of holes can unintentionally lead to board clutter. Sure, everything fits, but it doesn’t necessarily look all that nice.

Slat wall systems, on the other hand, work in tandem with various sizes of hooks, bins, and baskets, giving you excellent versatility for neatly storing small to large items. Unsightly clutter is avoided because each item can hang directly on the wall, or be stored inside in a hanging container. Check out the neatness a Gladiator wall systems can offer.

Durability and Strength Matter
If you are still contemplating both systems, consider what you intend to store on the walls. Both systems can easily handle items such as fasteners, rakes, wrenches, and hobby supplies. What about big and heavy items such as bicycles, chainsaws, and golf clubs?

Pegboards may give way under the pressure of heavier items, ripping the hooks out of the holes. It’s no secret that slat wall organizers are strong enough to keep weighty items secured to the wall indefinitely.

Curious to Learn More About Wall Slat Systems?
Garage Design Works specializes in helping you plan the perfect Orlando garage organization system that works for your needs. We’ll answer all your questions about slat wall storage. Call us today at 407-447-8890 for a free consultation, or drop us a note online.

Improve the Space of Your Home with a Garage Conversion

Thinking of doing something interesting with your garage space, but not quite sure what that something is yet?

Garage Design Works has several cool Orlando garage organization ideas to stimulate your creative imagination. You can transform your garage into living quarters, a place to play, somewhere to get in shape, or a custom entertainment venue. The following ideas are just a few ways to update a boring garage.

Guest Home or Studio Apartment

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel room, you know they are typically small with minimal furnishings. By converting your garage into cozy living quarters, you can offer family and friends a comfortable place to stay while visiting. Alternatively, you can create a studio apartment to rent to students or professionals seeking affordable housing. Renovations include installing kitchen and bathroom appliances for convenience and opting for chic garage storage cabinets such as those made by Everett. These durable cabinets are ideal for storing dishes, utensils, towels, and other necessities.

Kid’s Indoor Activity Area

Kids have lots of energy to burn throughout the day, and this energy is fine for outdoor play. When brought indoors this boisterous play time can cause annoying disruptions. Solve this dilemma by creating a space for kids to exercise and play freely. The first step of this plan is installing a protective floor covering made of strong high-grade epoxy in a designer color of your choice. Epoxy floors are easy to keep clean. Next, add durable play equipment such as slides, tunnels, and forts to encourage imaginative play. Encourage exercise by including items such as climbing bars, a jungle gym, punching bags, and thick floor mats.  

Home Office

office-1078869_1920Working from home doesn’t always mean you have a peaceful place to complete your desired tasks. Local coffee shops are poor substitutes for having your own workspace. Creating a home office in your garage gives you a quiet place to think, write, hold important phone conversations, and do your own thing without interruption. Besides a desk, chair, and storage cabinets, you’ll want to install overhead ceiling storage systems to maximize your interior storage space.  

Home Workout Space

Forget about gym memberships. Design a home gym that includes all your favorite workout equipment on hand and ready to use whenever you like. If you’re wondering where to store smaller exercise accessories and clothing, wonder no more. Contemporary vertical storage wall solutions smartly utilize wall slats, hooks, bins, and baskets to keep all your stuff neatly organized. Tall metal cabinets can easily substitute for traditional storage lockers.

Want More Conversion Ideas?
Garage Design Works has plenty of ideas to help with Orlando garage organization and conversion. We’ll work closely with you on your dream garage conversion from design concept to installation. Contact us online today for a free consultation.