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Categorize and Maximize Your Space

Garages offer ample extra storage space, but without an organization plan, this can easily go to waste. Designating zones for different items can help you improve your Orlando garage organization strategy, keep track of everything in your garage, and prevent messy clutter.

The Now Zone
Create a “now zone” for things you want to grab quickly with little to no hassle. This zone could include cleaning supplies, pantry food, beverages, paper supplies, or pet food. For convenience, this zone works best when situated near the door entrance that leads directly into the home.

Frequent Zone
Items that are used daily, weekly, or monthly can be assigned to this zone. These things are used often, but they’re not as essential to daily life. This is a great place for extracurricular or hobby equipment such as bicycles, skateboards, golf clubs and surfboards. You may also want to store brooms, shovels, rakes, or bird feed in this zone.

Transition Zone
This is the perfect space to store things when you move from outside to inside such as raincoats, shoes, leashes, keys, and umbrellas. You could also consider creating a mudroom space near the main door.

Work Zone
Create the perfect space for working on your favorite hobbies, like woodworking, artwork, gardening, or yoga. Your garage can even double as your home office area, and you can quickly create a professional work space using Everest White Cabinets that come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Using these will help you keep clutter off of the floor or out of your work space, and encourage you to stay organized.

Large and Bulky Zone
Finally, designate a zone for storing large, bulky items that take up a lot of floor space and aren’t used often. This category includes summer patio furniture, camping tents, pool accessories, or holiday decorations.

Expert Zone Planning
Garage Design Works specializes in assisting homeowners with custom Orlando garage organization. Let us help you create storage zones by setting up a free design consultation today.

Favorite Transformations of 2017

The modern garage is so much more than just a place to park vehicles; each makeover from Garage Design Works includes high-quality Orlando garage storage systems that helps personalize and customize the space.

Every year, our team helps homeowners optimize and re-imagine their garage space. This year we had the pleasure of redesigning many fine garages, and we’re revealing our top three favorite garage transformations of 2017.

Garage Transformation #1 – Optimize Space
This client has a very spacious garage with natural lighting. Yet, this space was underutilized before we showed up. The client wanted a design that maintained multipurpose spaciousness with more organization options. We did a complete makeover of flooring, walls, and ceiling to give the space a fresh, contemporary look.

We installed a sleek slat wall system, giving walls an updated uniform look that’s extremely practical. To complete the slatwall we included several metal hooks and compatible hanging baskets that easily attach to slats. Everest White Cabinets were mounted on the wall directly underneath an ONRAX Enduro-Deck™ overhead rack, and we put in a beautiful new Armor Seal floor in Saddle Tan to add visual texture.

Garage Transformation #2 – Organize for Work and Play
This client uses their garage for work projects and extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, unnecessary clutter was preventing productivity. We got busy mounting several large and small Gladiator Premier Series Cabinets to the wall, and also added a matching workbench. Combined with a slat wall system, the client is now able to easily store away work, recreational equipment, and has plenty of floor space for project work!

Garage Transformation #3 – Multipurpose Work Space
This client wanted new flooring and a neatly organized work space. We redid the flooring in a nice gray color with a durable, easily-maintained Armor Seal floor. The client picked cabinets and a workbench from the Everest White Cabinet Series for an efficient, versatile place to work on projects.

If you’re feeling inspired and would like to explore more ideas for Orlando garage storage systems, contact us today for a free consultation.

Create More Garage Floor Space with These Bike Storage Options

Not only is biking something all ages can enjoy, but it’s also a great form of exercise. Biking in your neighborhood and on trails is a relaxing, invigorating activity that promotes heart health. Storing your bikes in the garage is a logical choice, but without Orlando garage storage systems, those bikes take up valuable garage floor storage space.

Floor Storage vs. Vertical Storage

Because your garage has limited space, parking even just one bike on the floor prevents you from using that space in other ways. Fortunately, there’s a way to reclaim this lost floor space, and it’s called vertical storage.

Vertical storage is simply choosing to store items on the walls in an upright position. A bicycle’s lean design makes it ideal for a slat wall storage system, which involves installing wall slats that feature grooves for holding hooks. There are special hooks with attached loops to anchor bike wheels to the wall, and they open easily when you’re ready to go riding.

Horizontal Bike Storage

Thanks to the versatility of slat wall systems, you can also store bikes on the wall in a horizontal position. For this option, your bike is secured to the wall with strong hooks that are firmly anchored into a position that lets the hooks extend outward. This choice does use a significant portion of wall slat storage space, so make sure you don’t need that space for anything else.

Combination Slat Wall Storage

Slat walls are adaptable to all sorts of wall hooks, and that means you can add storage baskets and shelves to expand storage options. Helmets, extra bike parts and tools, hydration packs, air pumps, and more can all be conveniently stored right next to your bicycle. If you have children who are learning to ride, this is also a great place to store spare training wheels or any kind of protective padding.

Design Your Bike Storage

Garage Design Works can discuss different Orlando garage storage systems for efficient bike storage. Let us know what you have in mind by contacting us online or call us at 407-447-8890 today.

How to Create a Garage Playroom

Kids love to play and express their imagination in exciting, colorful spaces, and with some planning, your garage can be transformed into the ultimate playroom. Garage Design Works is happy to share our playroom tips, including how to use Orlando garage floor coating to create a safe, easy-to-maintain playroom floor.

Insulate the Walls

Garages are built to protect cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and more from outdoor weather, but they’re not designed to keep children comfortable year-round. Your first step should be to insulate the walls to guard against extreme temperatures. On days when outdoor temperatures soar upwards or plummet downwards, your kids can play safely in a comfortable temperature.

Install High-Quality Flooring

A hard, concrete garage floor is not suitable for kids to sit on or play on. Not only is it unsightly, but concrete is unforgiving when kids fall. It also stains easily. However, opting for an ArmorSeal epoxy flooring system can fix all of these problems.

When choosing this system, professionals apply layers of epoxy coating over the concrete. Once the epoxy dries, you’ll have a beautiful, glossy floor that offers excellent protection from abrasions that sometimes happen during play. Additionally, the playroom floor never stains, thanks to a strong, protective sealant. Since it’s bound to get dirty, you’ll appreciate having a floor that is easy to sweep and mop, and easy for the kids to clean, too.

Another reason to choose epoxy flooring over traditional tile flooring is for its excellent UV sun ray protection. Intense sun rays often causes color tiles to fade over time, but epoxy floors don’t fade, and you avoid the hassles of replacing discolored tile sealant. If you do want to re-coat your ArmorSeal epoxy floor at some point, it’s very easy to do so.

Upgrade Wiring

Besides the fact that your children might want to play games that require electricity, such as video games or toys that require recharging, it’s important that you can properly illuminate the playroom space at all times. Consult with an electrician to see what needs to be done so your garage playroom has enough electrical outlets, and to ensure that all outlets are child safe.

Brighten the Space

Garages have minimal lighting that usually comes from small windows. To make the playroom brighter, plan on adding more light. You can do this by installing large windows, installing ceiling lights, or designing with fun and colorful lamps.

Playroom Flooring Experts

The Orlando garage floor coating experts at Garage Design Works are ready to provide advice and assistance for your playroom. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How to Create a Garage Craft Room

Carving out an arts and crafts space inside your home can be challenging when workspace is limited. Using your dining room table or bedroom floor is better than nothing, but with the help of a contemporary Orlando garage storage system, all of your craft room dreams can come true.

Why Slat Wall Systems are Great for Crafting

The key to making your garage a suitable craft room is to maximize every inch of available storage space. Slat wall systems combine eye-appealing wall tracks and a variety of hooks, making it easy to hang craft supplies and tools directly on the walls for easy access. Frequently used items like scissors can hang from wall hooks. Other items such as needles, paint brushes, thread spools, and decorative accent items can sit inside baskets or on top of shelves attached to the slat wall.

Basket Storage

Choose baskets with open designs that allow you to see what’s inside. While it’s always best to use a square or rectangular shape, the size should be dictated by the type of items you intend to store. Divide baskets to hold designated categories such as paint, stencils, molding clay, and ribbon. Larger baskets can hold a collection of colored markers, jars filled with beads, or even colorful yarn balls. Special hooks secure baskets firmly in place as you add or remove items.

Shelf Storage

Enjoy the full benefits of a slat wall system by selecting several versatile shelves. You can place them side by side, vertically, or on opposite ends of the wall, using them to display your collections of stamps, sparkles, or googly eyes. Place a decorative plant or two on a shelf for a touch of natural beauty.

Decorative Paper Storage

If you enjoy using rolls of decorative paper, slat wall storage keeps them within easy reach. Slip rolls of paper onto curtain rods and then hang the rods on two hooks, and it’ll always be simple to pull down paper and cut it to any desired length. This method works for rolls of ribbon or tape as well.

Want More Ideas?

The above is just one of many Orlando garage storage system ideas for creating a unique craft room. Contact Garage Design Works online for planning assistance.

Ways to Create Your Own Wine Cellar in the Garage

As a wine lover, you enjoy collecting various vintages and sharing exciting finds with family and friends. Have you ever thought about turning your garage into a wine cellar as a way to expand and protect your collection? This is one of those Orlando garage ideas that requires design expertise, and you can pick up some great tips from our experts.

Framing and Insulation

While your garage provides a good starting point for a cellar, it’s only a basic shell. Your cellar needs a solid wood frame and insulation to protect wine from temperature extremes. Depending on your design plan, you can make the frame with 1×6, 2×4, or 2×6 lumber, add wood panels between the frame, and then cover the walls with quality spray-foam insulation. When that’s done, all that’s left is to finish building wall surfaces and paint.

Cellar Flooring

If your garage has concrete flooring, you can improve the floor with ArmorSeal epoxy primer and sealant. The primer gives the floor an upscale appearance, and a protective coat prevents chipping and staining. Accidental spills are easier to clean up and the floor maintains its luster.

Wine Bottle Storage Design

Installing a slat wall storage system allows you to customize shelf storage any way you want. Walls shelves let you proudly showcase your special collection of unique wines, and Everest white cabinets feature storage shelves and strong steel doors that can hold multiple wines yearlong. Rolling drawer cabinets are ideal for storing utensils, extra corks, and corkscrews, and additional wall-mounted cabinets can store wine glasses and dishes for entertaining.

Ceiling Storage

Utilize every inch of available storage space by hanging overhead storage units from the ceiling. These sturdy metal shelves can handle heavy weight, making them a good place to store cases of wine and party supplies.

Keeping Wine Cool

Maintaining the quality of your wine collection is crucial to taste. Wine cooling units let you control the temperature in the cellar, while also removing excess humidity. These energy-efficient units come in different sizes and configurations.

Professional Wine Cellar Help

The professionals at Garage Design Works are available to assist you with the creation of your unique wine cellar. To get expert advice and planning help with Orlando garage ideas, simply contact us today for a free consultation.

Essential Items to Design Your Own Yoga Studio

Imagine the convenience of waking up on a Saturday, brewing your favorite coffee, and sipping it as you walk into your home yoga studio; a peaceful, relaxing environment that’s tailor-made to your needs. You can make this a reality through  a creative garage redesign. We have excellent tips for how to rethink aesthetics, storage, and Orlando garage floors, and we can use our expertise to help build your dream yoga studio.

Studio Lighting

There are two choices when it comes to studio lighting: some people prefer natural light and others prefer  artificial light. If you enjoy natural light, consider large windows or a skylight. If artificial light is your first choice, then flush mount lighting or track lighting has dimmers to let you bring studio lights through the full range of illumination.


Garages are not built for human habitation, so you’ll need to add insulation in  walls to keep outside temperatures at bay. Insulation helps the space stay cool when it’s hot and warm when temperatures rise, and insulation also helps you save money on energy costs.

Color Scheme

Color selection is essential for a yoga studio’s success, and can encourage tranquility and help center your mind. You may enjoy a single-color scheme of white, beige, or blue, or co-mingle light and dark colors for enhanced  visual interest. You can create a textured wall look with paint, or choose patterned wallpaper. Take time to consider how certain color combinations affect your emotions and ability to relax, and then mix and match color swatches to find your ideal color scheme

Studio Storage

Renovating your garage into a studio doesn’t mean sacrificing storage space. Depending on your design, you can easily incorporate Everest white cabinets with drawers and shelves that keep items hidden. Slat wall systems create vertical storage for yoga gear, while  overhead storage systems can store bulky items that don’t fit inside the home. These options keep your studio neat and well-organized.

Type of Flooring

Because you’ll be spending a lot of time on the floor, the flooring in your studio should be attractive, comfortable, and create balance for the environment you desire. The way to achieve this is through the application of ArmorSeal floor coatings. Our employees are experts at creating new Orlando garage floors and meticulously apply color-themed coating layers, giving your studio floor a smooth, contemporary look that is easy to clean.

Consult with Experts

Our experts are happy to help you turn your garage into a peaceful yoga studio for your personal enrichment. Contact us today for a free design consultation.

How to Turn a Gloomy Garage Into An Enjoyable Holiday Guest Space

Looking at your garage as it is now, it’s hard to imagine it as a welcoming place for your holiday guests. The lighting isn’t great. It’s cluttered, and the floor is masked in  dirt. Yet, with a little ingenuity, Orlando garage floor coating, and savvy use of organizational tools, you can create a cozy, inviting guest space.

Chic New Flooring

The best way to tackle this transformation project is in phases, starting with phase one: the floor.  Replace that grimy ground with beautiful, easily-maintained, contemporary flooring using the ArmorSeal garage floor system. This system uses several layers of durable epoxy coating to create a smooth, sleek floor that easily adheres to concrete, and offers hassle-free upkeep . Chic color choices include gray, saddle tan, and tuxedo. .

Uplifting White Color Theme

After adding insulation to protect guests from temperature extremes, it’s time to paint the walls. White or off-white colors create a light, airy atmosphere, especially if you’ve added windows to let in natural light. When it’s time to add storage space, Everest white cabinets are an elegant choice that combine the durability of industrial steel with modern storage needs. These flexible, multifunctional cabinetry options are great for clothing and accessory storage, and include rolling drawers and wood-topped desks sturdy enough for laptops and video game consoles.

Lighting and Wall Storage

Consider installing artistic pendant lighting for eye-catching illumination, or choose beautiful flush mount fixtures. Instead of bookcases, you can opt for space-saving slat wall vertical storage systems. These systems are easy to customize, and the slats can be used for displaying holiday decorations while simultaneously housing any personal items your guests bring along.

Great for Everyday Use

When your remodeled garage isn’t being used by guests, it’s the perfect  place to store seasonal clothing, toys, craft items, and pre-wrapped holiday gifts. Overhead storage systems hang high above Orlando garage floor coating, and they’re ideal to hold additional bedding, bath towels, and plastic storage bins.

Guest Room Design Help

Garage Design works has years of hands-on experience and we’re ready to assist you with your guest room project. Contact us today for more creative design tips.

Reduce Your Storage Unit Cost by Getting Your Garage Organized

Renting a storage unit may seem like a practical decision, but if you have a garage, there are clever ways to reduce or eliminate this extra monthly expense. By using a selection of durable Orlando garage cabinets, you can fit countless items into compact garage spaces. Read on to find out how it’s done.

Begin by Sorting Stored Items

If you’re paying storage costs for longer than a year, it’s time to sort through everything you have in your storage unit. There may be more than a few items that can be given away or sold. Consider what’s important to your lifestyle and what you can easily live without. For example, do you really need to keep all those old CDs, decorations, clothing, and kitchenware?

Plan Your Garage Redesign

Your garage is more than just a place to keep stuff, it’s an extension of your home. Take some time to visualize what type of remodeled garage you’d like. Perhaps you’d like a combination workshop and storage room. Or, you want to create a space for working out, or maybe a laundry and mud space is more appealing. The sky’s the limit as far as design goes, and you can consult the experts at Garage Design Works for additional great ideas.

Use Flexible Organizing Systems

Putting all the pieces of your garage plan together is so much easier when you select popular organizing helpers such as sleek, stylish Everest White Cabinets and the latest slat wall systems.

Cabinets Galore

Everest cabinets work beautifully with any type of garage design plan, and the reason why is because they come in all sorts of sizes and configurations. You can easily mix and match small, medium, and large size cabinets to provide the space for many items you currently pay to store. With several tall, roomy cabinets, you can eliminate a good portion of things presently occupying cardboard boxes. Additionally, you can create an attractive counter workspace using one or more wood-top cabinets.

Put Walls to Good Use

Slat wall systems utilize sturdy wall slats that are horizontally fixed onto sections of the wall. The slats are wide enough to insert a myriad of metal hooks, great for hanging small and large tools that are usually scattered about. Get creative and insert shelving and even nylon baskets. If you like, we can install Orlando garage cabinets directly onto slats for seamless storage you’ll be proud to show off to your friends.

Ready to Ditch Storage Units?

Garage Design Works can help save you a bundle in storage costs. Call us today at 407-447-8890 or send us a message online for a free garage design consultation.

Ways to Find a Perfect Gardeners Paradise in Your Garage

You’ve got big plans for your home garden, but you’re annoyed with the lack of space your home provides you to embrace your inner garden nerd. There’s no room for more plant pots, gardening tools, and decorative accents. The experts at Garage Design Works would like to let you in on a little secret. With a touch of creativity, the right storage solutions, and Orlando garage floor epoxy, you can make a serene private gardening paradise.

Right now, your garage is just a collection of random stuff, but you can clear that all away and transform your garage into a functional space to grow your green thumb ideas. Three essential elements can that can help you pull this design plan together are:


  • New Flooring
    Gardening can get messy at times, and if you’re going to work in your garage, it’s good to have a floor that can withstand dirt and occasional spills. Consider giving the garage floor new life with ArmorSeal epoxy flooring in a color of your choice. This modern flooring system coats the original flooring with a self-priming color and covers that layer with protective stain-resistant layers.



  • Wall Storage
    Most garages have underutilized space, and your garage may have lots of extra space for gardening tools and supplies. Slat wall systems are modern, fun, and offer numerous creative ways to use garage walls for storage. One of the great things you can do with this storage method is organize your collection of gardening tools. Simply install compatible hooks into the slats and hang your tools wherever you please. Bunch small tools together, and organize brooms, rakes, and shovels on another section of the wall



  • Storage Cabinets
    Create an organized workspace using Everest white storage cabinets that glide over Orlando garage floor epoxy. Constructed of sturdy steel, these metal cabinets come with and without wood block countertops. Create ample workspace for potting flowers and plants using a combination wood surface desk and wood top cabinets. Scoot the cabinets under the desk when not in use, and pull them out to instantly expand your work area. Treated wood surfaces give your garage a warm aesthetic that matches the earth-friendly gardening theme.


How to Get Started

Garage Design Works can help you plan the functional and pleasing gardening workspace for hours of gardening fun. Send us a quick message online or call us at 407-447-8890 so our experts can help you find the right Orlando garage floor epoxy and storage solutions for you!