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6 Ways to Vertically Organize Your Garage

65330_123373534382968_7267339_nGarage storage used to be limited to placing boxes, bins and all sorts of items on the floor, stacking things outwardly until you’ve run out of usable storage space. Thankfully, it has significantly improved with the help of Garage Design Works. Their Orlando garage organization experts give you better options for storage management.

One of the best methods for maximizing garage storage space is using the concept of vertical storage. For instance, installing Garage Design Works patented “slat wall” tracks are a clever way to create numerous customized storage options in a sleek way.

Versatile Hooks

There are a wide variety of hooks that work seamlessly with slat wall organizing systems. The type of hooks you choose depend on what kind of items you want to hang on the wall. The upward loop of the cradle hook holds a garden hose securely in place. The big hook is ideal for storing yard blowers and trimmers. Alphabet hooks such as the “J” and “S” hook make it easy to hang small and tall items.

Small Item Bins

Figuring out where to put all those small items that tend to collect in your garage can be a hassle. Small bins hanging on a slat wall are just what you need to hold your collection of nails, bolts, tiny parts, and screws for upcoming projects.

Vertical and Horizontal Bike Hooks

Instead of parking your bike against the wall, you can opt to store it off the ground with either vertical or horizontal hooks. For vertical storage, lift the bike up on its rear wheel and slide the front wheel into the hook. For horizontal storage, the hooks extend outward to hold the bike frame.

Golf Caddy

Keep golf clubs and gear neatly organized with golf caddy storage bins and hooks. Each bin is large enough to hold your golf bag with the clubs tucked inside. Directly underneath is a smaller storage area for your favorite golf shoes.

Mesh Baskets

Mesh baskets are attractive because they’re sturdy, yet flexible, and you can see everything stored inside at a glance. These slat wall baskets comfortably hold sports equipment, kids’ toys, hobby magazines, and other items used regularly.

Storage Bin Holders

Standard storage bins have multiple uses, and they work wonderfully with a slat wall system. The storage bin holder features two large metal arms, and bins sit securely inside open slots. When bins are filled, the weight of gravity ensures they stay put.

Need help with creating a customized vertical storage plan? Sifting through stored cluttered in your garage and figuring out which storage option is best for all that clutter isn’t fun, which is why Garage Design Works is ready to assist you with creating a custom Orlando garage organization plan. Call us today at 407-447-8890 to find the best organizing options to fit your needs.

Don’t Let Your Garage Ceiling Limit Your Storage

banner-rackAs you ponder how to handle your impending Orlando garage organization project, you’re making decisions about what type of storage systems work best for your needs. You may already have your eye on a particular cabinet and wall units, but what about the ceiling?

The garage ceiling is a hidden gem when it comes to efficient storage solutions. Are you scratching your head wondering how a standard, loft or angled ceiling can be of use? The answer is the ONRAX Enduro-Deck™ system which is specially designed to be capable of holding small medium and large-size items you use during certain times of the year, or occasionally.

Overhead Storage is a Game Changer

The quickest way to free up garage space and organize clutter is to move items up off the floor. An overhead storage decking system can be customized for standard and non-standard garage ceilings. This system includes a series of individual open shelves constructed of sturdy steel, and these shelves have four adjustable brackets, which hang from the ceiling. Metal overhead shelves come in various sizes and often have weight capacities of up to 800 pounds. Imagine what you can do with such a system.

Perfect for Large, Bulky Items

Spare tires, snow blowers, yard work tools, inflatable pools, folding lawn chairs and other items take up lots of space, even when you do your best to keep big items organized. Installing several overhead shelves instantly solves this dilemma. Reinforced steel easily holds one or more tires, along with all those other “too big to stuff into a cabinet” essentials. Once they’re up there, you’ll need a ladder to retrieve these items, but you’ll be glad you have the extra storage space to keep them out of the way.

Make Room for Your Car

Organizing your garage using overhead storage means you can finally clear a path on the garage floor for your vehicle. If you have a double car garage, you’ll be able to fit both cars inside. The extra security and peace of mind ceiling storage offer are well worth it.

Non-standard Ceiling? No Problem! Garage Design Works ONRAX Enduro-Deck™ system comes in multiple shelf sizes, and unit height is easily adjustable to maximize your storage use. If you’d like to find out more about Orlando garage organization and overhead storage systems, contact Garage Design Works today at 407-447-8890.

5 Things You Can Organize with Garage Cabinets

62147_120913564628965_7013557_nWhen you need extra space to stash household items, your garage can be a lifesaver. Sometimes there just isn’t enough storage space inside your home for life’s necessities, which is why you need a creative Orlando home organization solution. The trick to efficient garage storage is making sure items are properly categorized, and then having the right storage pieces to organize it all so you can find it quickly.

These common household items can be organized inside your garage:

Pantry Items

Pantry items can quickly fill up kitchen cabinet space, especially when you buy in bulk from a wholesale club like Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJ’s. Perhaps you pass up supermarket sales on canned goods because there’s nowhere to store those extra cans. Setting up a separate pantry in the garage can easily expand your food storage options. Everest White cabinets have a smooth modern finish and plenty of shelf space for small and large cans. Larger units make it simple to assign different types of canned foods to separate shelves.



Tools and garages go together like peanut butter and jelly. Most likely, you have a bunch of tools ranging in size, small, medium, and large tools. Unfortunately, tool storage often becomes a chaotic mess that can cause you not only frustration but waste your time trying to find that particular tool you need to do a task. Durable cabinets such as those offered by Gladiator Premier Series can help you turn that tool chaos into a neatly organized and easily accessible station. You can mix and match a storage bench with various sizes of modular floor and wall storage cabinets, which makes finding the right tool a cinch.

Home Gadgets

Some households gadgets are a staple to your everyday functioning, while others are used less frequently, and those can be stored inside your garage. Moving items such as vacuums, carpet cleaners, space heaters, crock pots, and clothing steamers to garage storage units provide more storage options throughout your home.

Toys and Games

The desire to have fun is a natural human trait. However, numerous games and toys cluttering up rooms and closets become an unwieldy eyesore. Consider creating a toy and game fun center in your garage. Designate wall unit shelves to board games, digital games, stuffed animals, dolls and kids craft items.


There’s no getting around the fact that luggage is bulky. Closets are the most common place for luggage storage, yet it takes up the usable room you can use for other items. Tall modular storage units can take the place of closets, giving you easy access to carry-on bags and rolling suitcases for trips.

Are you worried about how to get started with all this cabinet organization? Get fast assistance with your Orlando home organization planning from Garage Design Works. Call us at 407-447-8890 today to get started.

How to Repurpose Your Garage for a Music Rehearsal Space

drums-246840_1920Getting your band together for rehearsal in your garage may be a cliché, but it’s often the best option available if you want to save money on renting studio space. There’s a big problem with choosing a garage – the sound of loud music can drive neighbors crazy. In addition to Orlando garage storage ideas, Garage Design Works has some great tips to help you plan and create a satisfying music rehearsal space.

Do You Want to Record Too?

Carefully consider if you want this renovated space to be used only for rehearsals, or do you want to be able to record music suitable for streaming as well? It’s important to know the answer to this question before investing in a garage redesign. Creating a soundproof recording space requires more planning and investment than a standard rehearsal room.

Measure the Space

Measure the garage from corner to corner to get a sense of its proportions. Measurements can help you make important calculations for equipment space needs and how much paint, insulation, flooring and storage supplies are needed for the transformation.

Do a Thorough Review

Take stock of the entire garage area, including its shape. Is it rectangular, square, or does it have an irregular shape? Shape effects room acoustics. Other things you want to make a note of are the number of existing electrical sockets versus the number of desired sockets. Does the room need more lighting? Consider what type of lighting you want. You should also determine if the space is adequate for the equipment you use. Creative storage solutions may be required make it all work.

What is Your Budget?

Be realistic about the amount of money you can spend for this renovation. It may not be possible to achieve everything on your wish list. Pick the items that are most important and include those in your budget. Any money left over can go towards those extras you want.

Forget About Egg Cartons

You’ve probably heard that lining garage walls with leftover egg cartons is an easy way to soundproof your music space. Sorry. That’s pure myth. While egg cartons do absorb some sound, they don’t stop sound from flowing outside.

Soundproofing Design Ideas

Effective soundproofing requires design strategies that work. Walls, ceilings and floors should be layered with soundproofing materials. If you want to go all out, you can build a room within a room. The inner room is your rehearsal space, and sound is absorbed by insulation materials placed between the inner and outer room walls.

Garage Design Works, the Orlando garage storage experts, can help you plan a cool music rehearsal space that won’t bother your neighbors. Call us at 407-447-8890 today to get started.

How to Protect Your Garage From the Elements

water-815271_1920The door of your garage is the only thing standing in the way of Mother Nature’s seasonal forces such as wind, rain, and heat.  The average home garage is designed to offer a basic level of protection from these natural elements. Unfortunately, this basic protection isn’t enough to guarantee the safety of your vehicle or household items stored inside.

Garage Design Works recommends taking several preventative steps to protect your Orlando garage ceiling storage, or other types of storage systems from weather damage.

Do a Complete Clean

Before you do any sort of weatherproofing in your garage, it should be thoroughly cleaned. Grab a broom and sweep away dirt and debris. A portable vacuum is a good tool to use for removing corner cobwebs, dust, and old leaves hiding between cracks and crevices. Use a soft cloth to wipe grime off windows, and be sure to clean or replace light bulbs.

Upgrade Worn Weather Stripping

Inspect the rubber weather stripping at the bottom of the garage door. If it’s cracked and frayed, it’s time to remove and replace the stripping. Not only does sturdy stripping keep air from flowing inside the garage, it also helps to keep out rain and snow.

Seal Gaps and Holes

No garage door has a perfect seal, and chances are when the door is completely closed, you’ll find gaps or holes. These gaps and holes, regardless of how small, allow extreme cold, sizzling heat and rain to sneak inside. You can easily correct this issue by filling these leaks by caulking.

Insulate the Door

A great way to protect your garage from extreme outside temperatures is to layer the door with insulation. Taking this energy efficient step creates a comfortable environment and helps keep bugs out.

Install Wall Vents

Installing one or two wall vents, placed on opposite ends of a wall, keeps air circulating inside the garage. Hot, humid air flows out, preventing moisture damage to stored items.

Install a Garage Heater

If you live in an area that gets seasonally cold, a garage heater is a good way to stay warm. These industrial quality heaters are a safer choice than regular space heaters. Typically, garage heaters are installed on the ceiling, and they are attached to a ventilation system. Portable garage heaters offer more flexibility.

To optimize the benefits of a wonderfully efficient Orlando garage ceiling storage system, consider protecting your garage from potentially harmful weather conditions. Garage Design Works can help you protect and revamp your garage, making it a valuable, energy-efficient work and storage space. Call us now at 407-447-8890 for garage organizing ideas.

Creating an In-Home Photography Studio

yashica-711794_1920Whether you are an amateur looking to pursue a hobby or a professional hoping to make your workspace more convenient, your garage may have so much potential to become an in-home photography studio. Transforming a garage into a studio takes a little work, but it is certainly worth it in the end. As leaders in unique Orlando garage ideas, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to transform your garage.


If your garage isn’t already a studio, it is likely used to store other odds and ends ranging from seasonal decorations to equipment for outdoor activities. To make space for your new set up, and so that potential clients are comfortable in the space, it is important to organize the garage thoroughly. Here are some brief organization tips:

  • We recommend using overhead storage to organize all the seasonal decorations that are only used once a month.  
  • From their, wall systems can be very beneficial for outdoor equipment and other items used frequently.
  • Finally, cabinets can be used to organize the remaining items and add a touch of style and sleekness to the garage.


If you plan on shooting full-length portraits or newborns, the attractiveness of your flooring will likely matter. You can invest in a backdrop that also covers the floor, or you can invest in a long-lasting solution. Polymer flooring may be beneficial, as it is a neutral option that is incredibly easy to clean.

Find the Lighting

A significant benefit of placing a photography studio in a garage is the potential for natural light. If you plan on using natural light that sneaks in when the garage door is open, find the best lighting first and build your set up based on that. During a time you might typically shoot, stand where your subject might stand and find the right mix of light and shadows.

Set Up

There are a few essential items that every studio needs. Once the space is organized, the flooring is installed, and the lighting is determined, it is time to purchase and position a backdrop. You’ll also need some accessories like stools, pillows, and anything else that fits in well with the kind of photography you are planning to do.

With these changes, your in-home photography studio will be up and running in no time. For more Orlando garage ideas, read our blog. For a free in-home consultation, give us a call at 407-447-8890 or contact us online.

5 Reasons You Need Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Steel Garage Cabinets

2You recently visited a large box store to look at their selection of cabinets for your garage and were not impressed. The materials seemed slapped together on cheap particle board frames, with sagging shelves, and the doors hung crookedly on their hinges. The whole reason you wanted to update your garage was that your friend’s garage looks so much better with his Powder Coated Steel Cabinets from the Orlando garage storage system pros at Garage Design Works. Maybe cutting corners is not such a good idea when it comes to garage cabinets. Below are just a few reasons you may need Garage Design Works’ custom cabinets.

  • Hunt and Peek

When it takes longer to look for a bicycle pump than it takes to air up a tire, something is wrong. If all your bike gear were located in one or two Gladiator Premier Series cabinets, it would be simple to quickly grab the bike pump, air up the tires, and pedal off to your next adventure.

  • Investing in Organization

Sometimes it’s so frustrating looking for a saw, you give up and buy another one. When this happens time and again, you begin accumulating three or four loppers, hand trimmers, hammers, and countless pairs of work gloves, which costs you excess money. Organizing your tools into Wall Gearboxes or Tall Gearboxes with casters will not only clear your garage, but it will also help keep track of what you own and save your time. For every minute you spend organizing, you gain an hour in return.

  • Less Stress

Looking through five mislabeled cardboard boxes for a tool you know you saw last week is frustrating. Housing the tools you frequently use in a Geardrawer will maintain a constant level of organization to help you live with less stress.

  • Maximize the Space

Two open shelves against one wall is not a practical storage system. Storing items in Gladiator Premier Series cabinets and designing the layout to your specifications will save you space. Utilizing all your garage’s available space is Garage Design Works’ goal, and our ONRAX Enduro-Deck™ system allows you to store kayaks, canoes, seasonal items, and any other bulky items above the garage door.

  • Safety First

Storing your items in cabinets instead of cardboard boxes piled atop one another does more than improve the appearance of your garage – it makes it safer. Now you do not have to worry about toppling boxes as you search behind them while holding a flashlight in one hand. Also, Florida’s rainy weather causes dampness to enter your garage, which can easily cause mold or bacteria on any natural products (fabric, cardboard, newspaper, wooden boxes) stored on the garage floor. With an easy to clean and durable ArmorSeal Garage Floor System, storing these items in a cabinet will make the managing of mold and mildew easy.

Garage Design Works would love to assist in renovating your garage into an organized workspace. Give us a call at 407-447-8890 to discuss our line of Gladiator Premier Series cabinets and how these beautiful Orlando garage storage system cabinets can work efficiently in your garage. Our website offers product pictures, garage designs, and blogs full of information on garage designing and organization.


Trouble Finding What You Need? Have Zones Planned for Your Garage!

real-estate-374190_1920If our home is our castle, the garage is often given the lowly title of the dungeon. It seems everything unwanted and unnecessary is carelessly left on a shelf for “later,” which never seems to arrive. If you finally find a use for one of these items in the garage, locating it is nearly impossible. Garage Design Works has the answer to that problem: planning zones in your garage to give your items a particular area to call home. With our Orlando garage storage system and ideas on organizing, you can transform your garage from a dungeon to a useful, organized extension of your castle.


  • Create Zones


Go through your garage with paper and pencil in hand and inventory the main items. If you find you have an abundance of yard implements, it would be advantageous, to begin with, a yard work storage zone. A car cleaning zone may be necessary if you have various waxes, cleaners, chamois cloths, hose nozzles, et cetera. If you have a penchant for woodworking, create a particular zone for that project as well. Once the larger areas are established, it is time for step two.


  • Miscellaneous Supplies


Undoubtedly, you have items that are not easily categorized into one of your zones. These are the items that should be neatly organized in their own space. The solution to those random items is a Gladiator hanging wall system. With it’s patented “slat wall” style tracks to hang specialized hooks, baskets, and bin holders for just the right item. The best part? You can easily move items from one location along the wall to another by just moving the hooks. This functionality is convenient for seasonal items that should be within easy reach for a few months, then stored on a higher hook for next year.


  • How to Store


Depending on your zone, you may require shelving, bins, a workstation, workbench, or any number of items. Think about your zones carefully before implementing the design. Some projects require multiple outlets – do you have enough in that zone? You may need to contact an electrician to install more – or different voltage – outlets. Next, determine how you will use the zone. Is it simply for storage or will you be accessing it often? Storage designs from Garage Design Works consist of outstanding Gladiator Premier Series cabinets in any configuration including work benches, hanging cabinets, rolling Gladiator Gearchests and Gearboxes, and more.


  • Call the Pros


Garage Design Works can turn your dream design into a reality with a free in-home consultation. Our team of experts works with you to create user-friendly zones that encompass your main projects and design elements.

Call Garage Design Works today at 407-447-8890 to begin the process of organizing your garage into zones. The result will be worth the effort once you view the garage you planned on paper. The Orlando garage storage system you created will be easy to maintain with a place for all your tools and accessories. For more great ideas on keeping your garage organized and beautiful, read our blog page.

Healthy Home & Your Dirty Garage Floor

broom-1837434_1920There is no debate concrete cannot be cleaned. For this reason, one of the most heavily trafficked areas of your home will experience dust, bacteria, and mold at some point. Your porous concrete floor may harbor organisms and dust/dirt waiting for you to walk barefoot across the surface so they can hitch a ride on you. Garage Design Works has a solution to prevent those concerns with its premier Orlando garage floor, the ArmorSeal Garage Floor System. ArmorSeal is not paint, but several layers of polymer applied to your garage’s concrete floor. The name of the product is more than a catchy title; it truly does seal your floor with an armor-like finish that prevents the gross effects that porous concrete can have. Our ArmorSeal System seals the concrete making it incredibly easy to clean and dust free.

Before your ArmorSeal Garage Floor System is applied, your floor is thoroughly and professionally cleaned to ensure no contaminants are present. In most cases, once the ArmorSeal System is installed it is cleared for foot traffic within 12 hours and vehicular traffic within 48 hours.

Investing in an ArmorSeal Garage Floor System results in a healthier home by reducing dust and creating a surface that is easy to clean preventing organisms and dirt from invading your outdoor paradise. Call Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890 for more information on the wonders of installing an Orlando garage floor ArmorSeal Garage Floor System into your garage.

5 Things That Don’t Belong in Your Garage

It’s great to have a garage to protect your car from the elements. You probably also use it as a convenient place to store all sorts of items. Storing things in the garage sure beats paying for extra storage space each month. But, there’s a downside to this gift of space. There are things that should never find a permanent home in your garage because they add to the clutter, or sustain damage. Even a good Orlando garage storage system isn’t ideal for many of the items below.

  1. Frequently Used Items

Any items that you use on a daily, or weekly basis are better left inside the home. For one thing, it’s inconvenient to walk into the garage each time you need certain things. If there’s no extra cabinet space for your favorite crockpot, for instance, adding kitchen shelves is a better solution. Keep in mind that the more cluttered your garage gets, the harder it is to find what you need.

  1. Important Documents

Think twice before you place that box of important family documents in the garage. Crucial documents such as birth certificates, your marriage license, legal, financial, and medical paperwork can easily sustain moisture damage in that environment. Also, documents in garages are easier to steal. The best way to safeguard these documents is to place them in a durable file or fireproof box and stash them in the bedroom or home office.

  1. Food Items

Creating a pantry inside of your garage may seem like a good idea at first, but then you realize you created an open invitation for clever neighborhood pests. Don’t be surprised to see your prized pantry raided by cats, rodents, raccoons, and curious squirrels. Additionally, heat and humidity from the outdoors can cause food to rot.

  1. Fragile Clothing

You have a beautiful wedding dress that you want to preserve so you find room in the garage for it. Not a good idea. Any type of delicate clothing item can be ruined by humid, hot, or cold garage temperature conditions. Find alternative storage areas for fragile clothing.

  1. Cherished Photos

That collection of irreplaceable vintage family photos should never be stored in your garage. The chemicals used to create photographic images can wilt due to moisture or humidity. It would be a shame to throw out treasured memories because of stickiness or mold.

A contemporary Orlando garage storage system can easily store numerous items, but some items should remain inside the home. As your local garage organization experts, Garage Design Works can help you sort out what should and shouldn’t go into your garage. Call us today at 407-447-8890 for a free in-home consultation.

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