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Categorize and Maximize Your Space

Garages offer ample extra storage space, but without an organization plan, this can easily go to waste. Designating zones for different items can help you improve your Orlando garage organization strategy, keep track of everything in your garage, and prevent messy clutter.

The Now Zone
Create a “now zone” for things you want to grab quickly with little to no hassle. This zone could include cleaning supplies, pantry food, beverages, paper supplies, or pet food. For convenience, this zone works best when situated near the door entrance that leads directly into the home.

Frequent Zone
Items that are used daily, weekly, or monthly can be assigned to this zone. These things are used often, but they’re not as essential to daily life. This is a great place for extracurricular or hobby equipment such as bicycles, skateboards, golf clubs and surfboards. You may also want to store brooms, shovels, rakes, or bird feed in this zone.

Transition Zone
This is the perfect space to store things when you move from outside to inside such as raincoats, shoes, leashes, keys, and umbrellas. You could also consider creating a mudroom space near the main door.

Work Zone
Create the perfect space for working on your favorite hobbies, like woodworking, artwork, gardening, or yoga. Your garage can even double as your home office area, and you can quickly create a professional work space using Everest White Cabinets that come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Using these will help you keep clutter off of the floor or out of your work space, and encourage you to stay organized.

Large and Bulky Zone
Finally, designate a zone for storing large, bulky items that take up a lot of floor space and aren’t used often. This category includes summer patio furniture, camping tents, pool accessories, or holiday decorations.

Expert Zone Planning
Garage Design Works specializes in assisting homeowners with custom Orlando garage organization. Let us help you create storage zones by setting up a free design consultation today.

Create More Garage Floor Space with These Bike Storage Options

Not only is biking something all ages can enjoy, but it’s also a great form of exercise. Biking in your neighborhood and on trails is a relaxing, invigorating activity that promotes heart health. Storing your bikes in the garage is a logical choice, but without Orlando garage storage systems, those bikes take up valuable garage floor storage space.

Floor Storage vs. Vertical Storage

Because your garage has limited space, parking even just one bike on the floor prevents you from using that space in other ways. Fortunately, there’s a way to reclaim this lost floor space, and it’s called vertical storage.

Vertical storage is simply choosing to store items on the walls in an upright position. A bicycle’s lean design makes it ideal for a slat wall storage system, which involves installing wall slats that feature grooves for holding hooks. There are special hooks with attached loops to anchor bike wheels to the wall, and they open easily when you’re ready to go riding.

Horizontal Bike Storage

Thanks to the versatility of slat wall systems, you can also store bikes on the wall in a horizontal position. For this option, your bike is secured to the wall with strong hooks that are firmly anchored into a position that lets the hooks extend outward. This choice does use a significant portion of wall slat storage space, so make sure you don’t need that space for anything else.

Combination Slat Wall Storage

Slat walls are adaptable to all sorts of wall hooks, and that means you can add storage baskets and shelves to expand storage options. Helmets, extra bike parts and tools, hydration packs, air pumps, and more can all be conveniently stored right next to your bicycle. If you have children who are learning to ride, this is also a great place to store spare training wheels or any kind of protective padding.

Design Your Bike Storage

Garage Design Works can discuss different Orlando garage storage systems for efficient bike storage. Let us know what you have in mind by contacting us online or call us at 407-447-8890 today.

How to Create a Garage Craft Room

Carving out an arts and crafts space inside your home can be challenging when workspace is limited. Using your dining room table or bedroom floor is better than nothing, but with the help of a contemporary Orlando garage storage system, all of your craft room dreams can come true.

Why Slat Wall Systems are Great for Crafting

The key to making your garage a suitable craft room is to maximize every inch of available storage space. Slat wall systems combine eye-appealing wall tracks and a variety of hooks, making it easy to hang craft supplies and tools directly on the walls for easy access. Frequently used items like scissors can hang from wall hooks. Other items such as needles, paint brushes, thread spools, and decorative accent items can sit inside baskets or on top of shelves attached to the slat wall.

Basket Storage

Choose baskets with open designs that allow you to see what’s inside. While it’s always best to use a square or rectangular shape, the size should be dictated by the type of items you intend to store. Divide baskets to hold designated categories such as paint, stencils, molding clay, and ribbon. Larger baskets can hold a collection of colored markers, jars filled with beads, or even colorful yarn balls. Special hooks secure baskets firmly in place as you add or remove items.

Shelf Storage

Enjoy the full benefits of a slat wall system by selecting several versatile shelves. You can place them side by side, vertically, or on opposite ends of the wall, using them to display your collections of stamps, sparkles, or googly eyes. Place a decorative plant or two on a shelf for a touch of natural beauty.

Decorative Paper Storage

If you enjoy using rolls of decorative paper, slat wall storage keeps them within easy reach. Slip rolls of paper onto curtain rods and then hang the rods on two hooks, and it’ll always be simple to pull down paper and cut it to any desired length. This method works for rolls of ribbon or tape as well.

Want More Ideas?

The above is just one of many Orlando garage storage system ideas for creating a unique craft room. Contact Garage Design Works online for planning assistance.

How to Turn a Gloomy Garage Into An Enjoyable Holiday Guest Space

Looking at your garage as it is now, it’s hard to imagine it as a welcoming place for your holiday guests. The lighting isn’t great. It’s cluttered, and the floor is masked in  dirt. Yet, with a little ingenuity, Orlando garage floor coating, and savvy use of organizational tools, you can create a cozy, inviting guest space.

Chic New Flooring

The best way to tackle this transformation project is in phases, starting with phase one: the floor.  Replace that grimy ground with beautiful, easily-maintained, contemporary flooring using the ArmorSeal garage floor system. This system uses several layers of durable epoxy coating to create a smooth, sleek floor that easily adheres to concrete, and offers hassle-free upkeep . Chic color choices include gray, saddle tan, and tuxedo. .

Uplifting White Color Theme

After adding insulation to protect guests from temperature extremes, it’s time to paint the walls. White or off-white colors create a light, airy atmosphere, especially if you’ve added windows to let in natural light. When it’s time to add storage space, Everest white cabinets are an elegant choice that combine the durability of industrial steel with modern storage needs. These flexible, multifunctional cabinetry options are great for clothing and accessory storage, and include rolling drawers and wood-topped desks sturdy enough for laptops and video game consoles.

Lighting and Wall Storage

Consider installing artistic pendant lighting for eye-catching illumination, or choose beautiful flush mount fixtures. Instead of bookcases, you can opt for space-saving slat wall vertical storage systems. These systems are easy to customize, and the slats can be used for displaying holiday decorations while simultaneously housing any personal items your guests bring along.

Great for Everyday Use

When your remodeled garage isn’t being used by guests, it’s the perfect  place to store seasonal clothing, toys, craft items, and pre-wrapped holiday gifts. Overhead storage systems hang high above Orlando garage floor coating, and they’re ideal to hold additional bedding, bath towels, and plastic storage bins.

Guest Room Design Help

Garage Design works has years of hands-on experience and we’re ready to assist you with your guest room project. Contact us today for more creative design tips.

Create the Illusion of a Livable Space in Your Garage

31Trying to come up with ideas to transform your garage into an extended living space? The key is coming up with an Orlando home organization plan that turns your garage into a place where you, your family, and friends enjoy spending time hanging out. Your garage is capable of so much more than just a storage place for paint cans, lawn maintenance tools, and sports equipment. The two things that can help turn it into a livable space are garage cabinets and slat wall systems.

What are Garage Cabinets?
Unlike your bathroom and kitchen, your garage was created for housing a car and store items that don’t fit in the home, but it can be so much more. By incorporating Gladiator garage cabinets, you can not only neatly store your items, but create more central floor space to make a livable room. If you’re familiar with gym and school lockers, you’ll understand how to place Gladiator garage cabinets. These lockers come in various sizes from small and boxy to tall and slender.

What are Slat Walls?
Slat wall systems are a modern storage solution that transforms simple walls into super-efficient storage space. The first part of the system involves installing elongated ‘slats’ made of durable material onto one or more garage walls. The second part consists of installing special hooks into the slats for hanging and holding various containers, tools, and all sorts of items. There are numerous ways to use these hooks, and they allow you to store way more than mere shelving alone.

Creating Your Livable Garage Space
Our garage cabinets offer a plethora of space-saving solutions with clean lines. Our Gladiator Premier Series Cabinets are known for their superior strength, while our Everest White Cabinets provide the same strength, but with a decorative touch. Some have rolling wheels, making them easy to move around if you need to adjust the garage space. Enjoy storing clothing, pantry items, tools, craft materials, toys, and various odds and ends inside drawers or on top of shelves. Combined with a slat wall system, the cabinets keep your garage neat, organized, and easily accessible.

Slat walls can also create the visual vitality that a livable space calls for, but also provides the flexibility to custom create what you store. You can also bring the outside in with a wall of plants or herbs. This addition will create a calming space for your guests and excellent connector between the inside and outside.

Want one of our Orlando home organization experts to provide you with a free in-home consultant? Give us a call at 407-447-8890 or send us a quick message online and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment.

Maximizing Your Garage Space for Hurricane Season

When hurricane season begins, an uneasy feeling lingers due to their unpredictability. The moment a nearby tropical storm is upgraded to a hurricane, questions of how to prepare immediately rush over you. As Floridians, we tend to not to worry about hurricanes until they get to a specific category, but experts say you should always plan for the worst. The strength and frequency of hurricanes are on the rise and now is the time to implement a strategic Orlando garage organization plan that maximizes the effectiveness of your space. Here are some great ideas for protecting you and your family from harm, while keeping your personal property safe from damage.

A survey by Gladiator Garage Works discovered that nearly one in four Americans are not able to fit their car in the garage because it is too cluttered. Your car is one of the most expensive purchases in your life. When a hurricane comes rolling through, do you want to risk your vehicle being exposed to the debris and high winds? I’m sure your answer is no. To move items into your garage, you need to find a place for the things that are currently there. To get more space on your garage floor, just look up! Our overhead storage options give you extra shelving to organize your garage space and bring in other items that are commonly left outside.

Bicycles that usually sit outside can be lifted off the ground during a fierce storm and turned into projectiles. If stored inside your home, you run the risk of someone getting hurt, especially when the power goes out. So what can you do? Store your bikes in the garage! Avoid having your bikes freestanding in your garage, because they can damage anything they fall against. The solution is to secure them with our sturdy bike hooks that are attached to a Gladiator hanging wall storage systems. Our patented “slat wall” track gives you the flexibility to hang your bikes vertically or horizontally.

Toys and Activity Equipment
Instead of piling toys and equipment such as balls, skates, and portable trampolines into closets, transfer them to your garage. Give yourself more space indoors, by using that same wall storage system, and its accessories. Our flexible storage baskets can be used for basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls. Open storage baskets can help tuck away items like baseballs and skating equipment. And let’s not forget those odd-shaped things like the trampoline! Just use our hooks to securely hang it on the wall near the bikes.

Barbecue Grilling Items
Protect your barbecue grill from impending damage by storing it against the garage wall between two rolling garage cabinets. This arrangement provides a buffer on three sides. Place the BBQ utensils and accessories into plastic bins and store within the nearby cabinets or garage shelving in case your power goes out and you need to use it to cook your food.

Pool and Patio Items
More than 10.4 million homeowners have pools, so it is essential to designate space in your garage for storing pool and patio accessories, as well as other outdoor portable items. Our tall Gladiator garage cabinets are durable and have multiple shelves for storing pool cleaning products, deflated inflatables, and small pool toys. Hang foldable chairs on large metal wall hooks. Patio furniture cushions can hang from ceiling hooks, or lay flat on metal ceiling shelves.

Need More Ideas?
The experts at Garage Design Works are just a call or online message away to provide you with a free consultation about Orlando garage organization. Give us a call at 407-447-8890 or send us a quick message online and we’ll be happy to chat about your garage needs.

How to Boost Your Yard Work Efficiency with Organization

Taking good care of your yard often requires keeping various yard tools on hand to make your job easier. Since storage space is limited inside of your home, the best alternative for storing these handy tools is usually your garage. While it’s great to have someplace to keep outdoor tools and supplies, the downside is having a mixture of tools stashed here and there, with no real system of organization. If you feel annoyed each time you head into the garage to retrieve hedge clippers, rakes, shovels, and grass trimmers, it’s time for an Orlando home organization update.

Organizing Large Tools
There’s no better place than the garage to store a variety of large tools that are routinely used for outdoor yard work. The biggest are the lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and ladders followed by rakes, shovels, saws, trimmers, and gas blowers. All these items take up lots of garage space, but you can utilize wall space to make these tools more visible, and easily reachable.

Select a modern slat wall system that includes grooves for adjustable hooks. The slats create attractive horizontal storage in sections, or across an entire wall. Wall slats combined with specially designed metal hooks are sturdy enough to securely hold a bulky wheelbarrow, short and tall ladders, hoses, and your collection of manual and motorized tools that easily fit side-by-side on the wall.

Organizing Small Tools
Small hand tools such as gardening shears, diggers, and pliers are every bit as important to yard work as larger tools but require more organization to find. You may want to devote a section of slat wall to hang these tools, or you can choose contemporary garage cabinets with extension shelves or deep drawers to keep track of various collections of hand tools and accessories. Storing these tools inside of cabinets removes clutter and keeps them safely away from small children and pets.

Organizing Supplies
When organizing various supplies used for yard work, the frequency of use should be a consideration. Consider grouping supplies together according to seasonal needs or tasks. For instance, bags of potting soil, seeds, watering cans, and growing solutions stay accessible inside a designated metal garage cabinet with adjustable shelves. Directly above, you can place your collection of empty planters on an overhead storage platform.

Proper Storage Extends Tool Life
Protecting your investment in valuable yard tools is a good reason to begin working on your organization plan. When all your tools have a designated storage spot, they are better protected from damages due to accidents or neglect.

Cut time and effort from your yard work duties with an efficiency-boost to your Orlando home organization plan from Garage Design Works. Contact us online or call 407-447-8890 for a free consultation.

Which Wall System is Best? Slat Wall or Pegboard

The most popular systems for garage walls are slat wall and pegboard systems. At first glance, you may think both are similar, and it doesn’t matter which one you pick. However, if you want lots of versatility, and care about aesthetics for any Orlando garage organization project, one choice clearly stands head and shoulders above the other.

Style Differences
The physical differences jump out immediately when visually comparing slat wall organizers against pegboards. Slat walls are constructed of durable materials into elongated horizontal strips that sit flush to the wall. Their visual effect resembles outdoor home siding. Pegboards, on the other hand, are made of individual panels with numerous holes. Both systems use hooks for hanging items. If you prefer an elegant look for your garage, slat wall systems have a sleek, modern look. Alternatively, the exposed remaining holes from pegboards are hard to ignore.

If you are going to put in the time to organize your garage with a wall system, aesthetics may be of importance. Especially if you intend to use your garage as an extra room for hobbies or entertainment. But, looks aren’t everything, right? So, let’s look at functionality.

Organizing with Holes vs. Slats
Pegboards have been around for a long time, and there’s no denying that they’re easy to use. Each board contains numerous holes, and you can decide where to insert the hooks to hang your items. Peg holes are typically spaced inches apart which limits ways you can personalize. The sheer number of holes can unintentionally lead to board clutter. Sure, everything fits, but it doesn’t necessarily look all that nice.

Slat wall systems, on the other hand, work in tandem with various sizes of hooks, bins, and baskets, giving you excellent versatility for neatly storing small to large items. Unsightly clutter is avoided because each item can hang directly on the wall, or be stored inside in a hanging container. Check out the neatness a Gladiator wall systems can offer.

Durability and Strength Matter
If you are still contemplating both systems, consider what you intend to store on the walls. Both systems can easily handle items such as fasteners, rakes, wrenches, and hobby supplies. What about big and heavy items such as bicycles, chainsaws, and golf clubs?

Pegboards may give way under the pressure of heavier items, ripping the hooks out of the holes. It’s no secret that slat wall organizers are strong enough to keep weighty items secured to the wall indefinitely.

Curious to Learn More About Wall Slat Systems?
Garage Design Works specializes in helping you plan the perfect Orlando garage organization system that works for your needs. We’ll answer all your questions about slat wall storage. Call us today at 407-447-8890 for a free consultation, or drop us a note online.

7 Tips to Keep Your Garage Workshop in Working Order

craftsman-garage-and-shed3The garage is an ideal place to set up a workshop. Most garages have space for a workbench and assorted tools. However, if you want to make your workshop more efficient, an organization plan is your best bet. Enjoy these helpful Garage Design Works tips for optimizing Orlando garage floors, walls, and ceilings.

  1. Create a Designated Work Area

It’s hard to do your best work when you’re competing with sports equipment, bikes, luggage, toys, and other items not related to your work projects. If you’re shoving things out of the way to reach your workbench, it’s time to create a clean, organized work area. Set storage parameters, and remove unnecessary items from your workspace.

  1. Install a Slat Wall Organizing System

When looking around your workshop, you see too much clutter, and there’s not enough maneuvering room. Wall slat systems were designed to solve this common problem. Consider installing a Gladiator hanging wall slat system that uses tracks and hooks to create new storage areas on garage walls. Tracks are sturdy enough to hold small, medium, and large tools and supplies freeing up floor space for creating, planning, and building.

  1. Update Flooring

Cleaning the garage floor after you finish for the day can be a hassle. Stains can be hard to remove on concrete. A protective epoxy such as high-quality ArmorSeal flooring finish makes floor cleaning a breeze.

  1. Organize Tools According to Use

Are you tired of searching for tools during a project? Organize your tools using slat wall hooks and sturdy rolling cabinets, keeping them within easy reach when needed.

  1. Light Your Work Area

If you rely strictly on natural lighting, consider boosting the lighting in your work area. When you’re working with power and hand tools, a mistake can cause physical injury. By adding two or more ceiling light fixtures near your workbench, lighting conditions improve considerably.

  1. Install Additional Electrical Outlets

Stringing numerous power extension cords along the floor is a tripping and fire hazard that should be avoided. Installing one or more additional electrical outlets on a wall near your work area can alleviate the need for extra extension cords. It’s best to let a trained electrician do the installation.

  1. Install a Ventilation System

Many garage workshops lack adequate ventilation. A fan isn’t powerful enough to remove most fine dust particles, debris, and fumes from the air you breathe. Likewise, for open windows. Safe ventilation is achieved by installing industrial-strength systems that remove air impurities as you work.

Garage Design Systems can give you more ideas for organizing Orlando garage floors and walls. Contact us today for a free garage workshop consultation.

5 Reasons You Need Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Steel Garage Cabinets

2You recently visited a large box store to look at their selection of cabinets for your garage and were not impressed. The materials seemed slapped together on cheap particle board frames, with sagging shelves, and the doors hung crookedly on their hinges. The whole reason you wanted to update your garage was that your friend’s garage looks so much better with his Powder Coated Steel Cabinets from the Orlando garage storage system pros at Garage Design Works. Maybe cutting corners is not such a good idea when it comes to garage cabinets. Below are just a few reasons you may need Garage Design Works’ custom cabinets.

  • Hunt and Peek

When it takes longer to look for a bicycle pump than it takes to air up a tire, something is wrong. If all your bike gear were located in one or two Gladiator Premier Series cabinets, it would be simple to quickly grab the bike pump, air up the tires, and pedal off to your next adventure.

  • Investing in Organization

Sometimes it’s so frustrating looking for a saw, you give up and buy another one. When this happens time and again, you begin accumulating three or four loppers, hand trimmers, hammers, and countless pairs of work gloves, which costs you excess money. Organizing your tools into Wall Gearboxes or Tall Gearboxes with casters will not only clear your garage, but it will also help keep track of what you own and save your time. For every minute you spend organizing, you gain an hour in return.

  • Less Stress

Looking through five mislabeled cardboard boxes for a tool you know you saw last week is frustrating. Housing the tools you frequently use in a Geardrawer will maintain a constant level of organization to help you live with less stress.

  • Maximize the Space

Two open shelves against one wall is not a practical storage system. Storing items in Gladiator Premier Series cabinets and designing the layout to your specifications will save you space. Utilizing all your garage’s available space is Garage Design Works’ goal, and our ONRAX Enduro-Deck™ system allows you to store kayaks, canoes, seasonal items, and any other bulky items above the garage door.

  • Safety First

Storing your items in cabinets instead of cardboard boxes piled atop one another does more than improve the appearance of your garage – it makes it safer. Now you do not have to worry about toppling boxes as you search behind them while holding a flashlight in one hand. Also, Florida’s rainy weather causes dampness to enter your garage, which can easily cause mold or bacteria on any natural products (fabric, cardboard, newspaper, wooden boxes) stored on the garage floor. With an easy to clean and durable ArmorSeal Garage Floor System, storing these items in a cabinet will make the managing of mold and mildew easy.

Garage Design Works would love to assist in renovating your garage into an organized workspace. Give us a call at 407-447-8890 to discuss our line of Gladiator Premier Series cabinets and how these beautiful Orlando garage storage system cabinets can work efficiently in your garage. Our website offers product pictures, garage designs, and blogs full of information on garage designing and organization.