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7 Tips to Keep Your Garage Workshop in Working Order

craftsman-garage-and-shed3The garage is an ideal place to set up a workshop. Most garages have space for a workbench and assorted tools. However, if you want to make your workshop more efficient, an organization plan is your best bet. Enjoy these helpful Garage Design Works tips for optimizing Orlando garage floors, walls, and ceilings.

  1. Create a Designated Work Area

It’s hard to do your best work when you’re competing with sports equipment, bikes, luggage, toys, and other items not related to your work projects. If you’re shoving things out of the way to reach your workbench, it’s time to create a clean, organized work area. Set storage parameters, and remove unnecessary items from your workspace.

  1. Install a Slat Wall Organizing System

When looking around your workshop, you see too much clutter, and there’s not enough maneuvering room. Wall slat systems were designed to solve this common problem. Consider installing a Gladiator hanging wall slat system that uses tracks and hooks to create new storage areas on garage walls. Tracks are sturdy enough to hold small, medium, and large tools and supplies freeing up floor space for creating, planning, and building.

  1. Update Flooring

Cleaning the garage floor after you finish for the day can be a hassle. Stains can be hard to remove on concrete. A protective epoxy such as high-quality ArmorSeal flooring finish makes floor cleaning a breeze.

  1. Organize Tools According to Use

Are you tired of searching for tools during a project? Organize your tools using slat wall hooks and sturdy rolling cabinets, keeping them within easy reach when needed.

  1. Light Your Work Area

If you rely strictly on natural lighting, consider boosting the lighting in your work area. When you’re working with power and hand tools, a mistake can cause physical injury. By adding two or more ceiling light fixtures near your workbench, lighting conditions improve considerably.

  1. Install Additional Electrical Outlets

Stringing numerous power extension cords along the floor is a tripping and fire hazard that should be avoided. Installing one or more additional electrical outlets on a wall near your work area can alleviate the need for extra extension cords. It’s best to let a trained electrician do the installation.

  1. Install a Ventilation System

Many garage workshops lack adequate ventilation. A fan isn’t powerful enough to remove most fine dust particles, debris, and fumes from the air you breathe. Likewise, for open windows. Safe ventilation is achieved by installing industrial-strength systems that remove air impurities as you work.

Garage Design Systems can give you more ideas for organizing Orlando garage floors and walls. Contact us today for a free garage workshop consultation.

5 Reasons You Need Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Steel Garage Cabinets

2You recently visited a large box store to look at their selection of cabinets for your garage and were not impressed. The materials seemed slapped together on cheap particle board frames, with sagging shelves, and the doors hung crookedly on their hinges. The whole reason you wanted to update your garage was that your friend’s garage looks so much better with his Powder Coated Steel Cabinets from the Orlando garage storage system pros at Garage Design Works. Maybe cutting corners is not such a good idea when it comes to garage cabinets. Below are just a few reasons you may need Garage Design Works’ custom cabinets.

  • Hunt and Peek

When it takes longer to look for a bicycle pump than it takes to air up a tire, something is wrong. If all your bike gear were located in one or two Gladiator Premier Series cabinets, it would be simple to quickly grab the bike pump, air up the tires, and pedal off to your next adventure.

  • Investing in Organization

Sometimes it’s so frustrating looking for a saw, you give up and buy another one. When this happens time and again, you begin accumulating three or four loppers, hand trimmers, hammers, and countless pairs of work gloves, which costs you excess money. Organizing your tools into Wall Gearboxes or Tall Gearboxes with casters will not only clear your garage, but it will also help keep track of what you own and save your time. For every minute you spend organizing, you gain an hour in return.

  • Less Stress

Looking through five mislabeled cardboard boxes for a tool you know you saw last week is frustrating. Housing the tools you frequently use in a Geardrawer will maintain a constant level of organization to help you live with less stress.

  • Maximize the Space

Two open shelves against one wall is not a practical storage system. Storing items in Gladiator Premier Series cabinets and designing the layout to your specifications will save you space. Utilizing all your garage’s available space is Garage Design Works’ goal, and our ONRAX Enduro-Deck™ system allows you to store kayaks, canoes, seasonal items, and any other bulky items above the garage door.

  • Safety First

Storing your items in cabinets instead of cardboard boxes piled atop one another does more than improve the appearance of your garage – it makes it safer. Now you do not have to worry about toppling boxes as you search behind them while holding a flashlight in one hand. Also, Florida’s rainy weather causes dampness to enter your garage, which can easily cause mold or bacteria on any natural products (fabric, cardboard, newspaper, wooden boxes) stored on the garage floor. With an easy to clean and durable ArmorSeal Garage Floor System, storing these items in a cabinet will make the managing of mold and mildew easy.

Garage Design Works would love to assist in renovating your garage into an organized workspace. Give us a call at 407-447-8890 to discuss our line of Gladiator Premier Series cabinets and how these beautiful Orlando garage storage system cabinets can work efficiently in your garage. Our website offers product pictures, garage designs, and blogs full of information on garage designing and organization.


How to Manage Garage Storage With Children

kid-1241817_1920(2)When you have children, it’s inevitable that your garage will become a de facto storage area for all sorts of their items, such as clothing, accessories, and toys. This space tends to get cluttered quickly because your garage also houses your car, your household tools, and a wide array of items that have nowhere else to go.

Instead of putting up with a jumbled mess that puts your children and possessions at risk, create a safe kid-friendly storage solution by following these helpful Orlando garage storage ideas.

Create a Kid Zone

The first matter of business is designating a section of your garage as a kid zone. This can be a wall, or an entire side of a garage if you have enough space. Try to put as much space as possible between this storage area and your vehicle to avoid safety hazards and accidental vehicle damage. Once you’ve chosen a spot, it’s time to pick a storage solution that best suits your needs.

Wall Systems

Wall storage units are popular with garage owners because they offer easy and convenient storage for tight spaces. Most rack designs have square grids, but our Gladiator hanging wall systems have “slat wall” style tracks that allow you to have versatile options when storing an array of items. We have our small item bins for things like crayons, legos, or craft items. Our mesh baskets are ideal for easy viewing or items that need to be aired out from the beach or park. If your family is big into sports, our ball caddy will come it handy when trying to wrangle them all in one space. Each ball caddy can hold up to 9 full-size basketballs!


If your garage has enough room, you can opt for our already assembled Gladiator Premier Series Cabinets or our designer Everest White Cabinets to fit within the scope of your garage design. Either option gives you cabinets that can either be affixed to wall or movable in case you wanted to rearrange later on. You can add another level of personalization to your children’s space by giving them their personal locker.

Overhead Storage

When you run out of space on the floor and the walls, why not create more space by using your ceiling? Overhead storage is an efficient way to organize your children’s larger heavier items that are either seasonal items like clothes, sporting equipment, or road trip gear. Our ONRAX Enduro-Deck™ system provides exceptional strength up to 800lbs and has 9 shelf sizes and 2 height adjustment ranges. Custom sizes are available for lofted and angled ceilings.

These are just a few of the creative Orlando garage storage ideas offered by the team at Garage Design Works. Call our team at 407-447-8890 today to schedule an appointment to get expert advice on creating a kid-friendly storage space in your garage.

Choosing the Right Wall Organization System

IMG951216 (1).jpgSome homeowners are particular about how their garages function, demanding their most necessary items be in plain sight and within easy reach. Others believe function is not nearly as important as ambience and they create a stunning garage with matching cabinets and countertops. The Orlando garage storage experts at Garage Design Works can create the garage of your dreams that will meet all your needs.

  • It is a given that your garage floor should have minimum items on it: the car, a lawnmower, and possibly a tool chest. Any other items should be stored elsewhere, and a prime location is along the walls. Many homeowners simply buy oversized plastic bins and stack them against the wall. This method is far from fail-proof because of flooding, which may cause leakage into the containers, and the propensity of a large stack of containers to topple over and destroy what is within them or injure someone.
  • Gladiator hanging wall systems with their patented slat wall tracks are designed to accommodate a variety of hook configurations to hang everything from tiny containers to bulky golf bags.
  • Gearwall panels can be designed for any size wall. With a single panel, a series of hanging hooks will hold all your garden implements: rakes, shovels, axes, clippers, et cetera. An entire series of panels behind the workbench is perfect for small hooks to hold bins for screws, hammers, electrical tape, or power tools.
  • Gladiator carries a variety of hooks for all your needs. Whether you are hanging a bicycle or a sledgehammer, they have a hook for it! Traditional J and L hooks are handy, all-purpose holders, but a fishing pole is likely to slide off these hooks. Gladiator has a specialized fishing rod hook along with horizontal bike racks that snugly situate your bicycle against the wall or a vertical bike hook to hold the bike perpendicular to the wall. Cords and hoses are neatly stored on two-prong cradle hooks while an oversized heavy-duty hook is handy for motorized lawn equipment, such as hedge trimmers, edgers, or weed eaters. Sports equipment is easily gathered in a mesh bag, and different sizes of bags can be used depending on how much equipment you have to store.

The ability to easily store and locate your goods in a safe area keeps your garage organized and all your supplies within reach. Give the Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works a call at 407-447-8890 to learn about their line of Gladiator products and how they can assist you in redesigning your garage. Our blogs page has an abundance of information pertaining to our products, services, and organization ideas for your garage.

5 Ways to Protect Your Garage While on Vacation

As you pull out of the driveway, you hit the garage door remote and watch the door slowly descend. In your mind, the garage is secure. Besides, your neighborhood is safe, so you really have nothing to worry about. What you may not realize is your house has been watched for the past week in anticipation of your vacation, and the thieves know many tricks on accessing a closed garage door. Learn how to protect your garage while you are away by reading these tips brought to you by the Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works.

  • The Garage Door: Your automatic garage door is easily opened, even without a remote. To prevent potential theft, place a padlock on the overhead door latch, disable the automatic garage door opener, or simply place a bolt inside one of the many holes running along the door’s track to impede the roller from moving beyond that point.
  • Get Motion Lights: Motion lights have two functions: they startle anyone who trips them, and they alert your neighbors that someone or something is lurking near your home. Without the cloak of darkness, it is difficult for intruders to gain access to your garage. Interior lights on a timer give the illusion that someone is home turning lights on and off at a given time. Nowadays, lights can respond from an app on your cellular phone to turn on and off whenever you click a button.
  • Check the Windows: If your garage has windows, be sure to lock them before you leave. Installing metal bars inside the windows may help keep out intruders. Installing blinds is also a deterrent; if thieves cannot see inside the garage, they may believe there is not anything of value to steal.
  • Ask for Extra Eyes: If you are active in a Neighborhood Crime Watch program, let your team know you are leaving and for how long you expect to be gone. Also, tell a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house while you are away. To make your house look lived in, enlist a neighbor to park in your driveway and pick up your paper and mail.
  • A Security Camera: A security camera is a great investment. While some cameras run continually, others are programmed only to come on when activated by movement. Newer cameras can automatically feed to an app on your phone, giving you the ability to check on your garage at any time you are away from home.

Garage Design Works knows you take pride in your garage and home. Let our team help you organize your Orlando garage storage area and install locked cabinets for your more valuable goods. Call 407-447-8890 to speak with one of our garage design consultants, and read our blogs for information pertaining to cabinets, storage systems, and beautiful epoxy floor coverings.

Make the Most of Your Garage Storage Space

It does not matter if you have a one-car garage or enough space for five vehicles, it seems you never have ample room for all your supplies. Learning how to properly store your accessories will give you a much cleaner garage and an easier time locating exactly what you need. The Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works has the following tips on making the most of your garage storage space.


  • What to Keep, & What to Discard: The most effective method for clearing clutter is to remove every item from the garage and arranging the items into two large piles – one to keep and one to give away or sell. When the latter pile has been removed and only the items you want to keep remain, continue to the next step.
  • To Sort or Not to Sort: Sorting is a personal preference. Some people like to place items of similar sizes together, such as water skis and garden tools with long handles – rakes, hoes, etc. This saves on space, but may be confusing for others looking for the items. Placing items you use together, such as beach items, gives a very handy method of locating items, especially if they all fit neatly within a clear, labeled bin. Beach umbrellas or small sun shade tents are sometimes too long or bulky to fit inside a bin, and the toys you use at the beach may also be toys used when your children dig in the sandbox. Sometimes the solution is stackable bins that can be categorized together as “outside fun”, for instance, then further broken into smaller classes that would ensure the digging toys would be brought to the beach as well as the park.
  • Location, Location, Location: Location is vital in planning the perfect garage storage system. How often do believe you will use the inflatable kiddie pool this summer? If you think this will be a daily toy, place it close at hand for easy access, and store the exterior holiday lights from last winter in a bin with their hooks, extension cords, and all other items to make that task simpler. No matter how you decide to divide your belongings, placing them in clear bins will give you a better idea of what you are looking for without searching through an endless array of bins.
  • Be Wary of Floor Space: While all the coordinated bins are nice to look at, stacking them on the floor takes up too much space, and could lead to disaster if your home is in a flood zone or has ever taken in water during a hurricane. Remove as many items as possible from the floor by placing them on open shelves or in enclosed cabinets.
  • Let it Hang Around: A hanging storage area above the garage door is the perfect location to store artificial Christmas trees and large yard toys. With the capacity to hold up to 800 pounds, the ONRAX Enduro-DeckTM System will keep your items secure and out of the way.


For a full line of top-quality garage organization products, call the Orlando garage storage experts at Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890. Our team can outfit your garage to give you the space you need now and in the future. Browse our blogs for custom garage designs ideas.

Things to Know Before You Organize Your Garage

IMG951216 (1).jpgYour garage is the perfect location to store many of the larger goods that do not have a permanent location inside your home. However, after a number of years, the amount of items may make it difficult to utilize your garage as a garage. Rather than turning a blind eye as you place yet another item precariously atop the growing pile of goods, contact the Orlando garage shelves experts at Garage Design Works to meet with their organizational professionals. Before Garage Design Works can begin, you will need to clear out the accumulated goods and figure out what should be discarded and what should be kept. Use the following guide to lead you through the steps on the pre-work required before cabinets, wall and ceiling storage units can relieve your storage problems permanently.

  • Depending on the amount of items within your garage, you may need an afternoon, weekend, or series of weekends dedicated to cleaning out the garage.
  • Go through all boxes and bags thoroughly. Garage storage invites rodents and bugs, especially within paper products. Anything paper or cardboard worth keeping should be stored in an airtight container; all else needs to be quickly discarded.
  • Sort all items into “keep”, “discard”, or “sell” piles. For the pile you are tossing away, it may be easier to have a trash bin on hand to immediately bag up the items.
  • Dedicate as many items as “recyclable” as possible. If you decide to give away any of the items in your stockpile, keep in mind that many organizations will pick up your donations. Local or national online selling sites can quickly empty your garage of larger or more expensive items.
  • Chemicals, electronics, and paint may have specific requirements for disposal. Check with your local landfill for details.
  • The items you keep should be grouped loosely into an organizational scheme you can understand, such as “yard tools”, “golf equipment”, “children’s toys”, etc. This will help the Garage Design Experts team in their goal of keeping your garage orderly.
  • Small items stored in clear plastic bins will help identify the contents without opening a series of bins looking for what you need. Labeling the exterior of the bins in large, block letters is also effective if you have existing bins.

Once only the “keep” items remain, call the Orlando garage shelves professionals at Garage Design Works at (407) 447-8890. Our team will work with you in planning a stunning garage with cabinets, wall and ceiling hooks, shelving, and a myriad of storage items to keep your new garage storage system as orderly in five years as it is the day they complete the install. Our past blogs and website explain many of our products; feel free to browse!

4 Garage Storage Options for Your Large Sports Equipment That Won’t Leave you “Hanging”

GAWA046PSY[1].jpgDid your kayak fall on top of your car again as you backed out of your garage? Spring is the perfect time to organize your large sports equipment before the summer heat arrives. Schedule time on a Saturday to take inventory of what you have. Decide what needs to go, what can be donated, and what you are keeping. Dedicate a section of your garage which will be specifically for sports-related equipment. Items that you use year-round should be stored so they are easily accessible. Less frequently used or seasonal items should be stored in areas that are not near areas of activity in your garage. Consider some of these ideas so you don’t get “hung up” on how to make the most of your Orlando garage storage space:

  • Use the pallet that came with your appliance delivery, sand it down, and give it a coat of shellac. Stand it on its side up against the garage wall and store oars, hockey sticks, and baseball bats. You can easily see what’s stored.
  • Before you toss out that old dresser or bookcase, think about repurposing it into a storage area for some of your large sports equipment.
  • Bike shops or hardware stores sell bike racks which can mount to the ceiling or a wall in your garage.
  • Hang your kayak from a rigging device that can be purchased from any sporting goods store. Prior to storing your kayak, make sure that you rinse it well to remove any salt water that may damage it. Unload any loose gear, leave the hatch straps slack, and remove the soft hatch covers. Cover the cockpit so no bugs or critters decide to set up residence.

If your time is stretched and you want a safe, professionally organized look for your large sports equipment storage, you need to contact the experts at Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890. You won’t be second guessing yourself as to whether you have securely stored those larger items. Garage Design Works has a variety of patented Gladiator Hanging Wall Systems, including gearwall panels, hanging wall panels, and hook and wall accessories. Their industrial–strength Onrax Enduro –Deck Overhead Storage units can hold up to 800 lbs.

Don’t risk a trip to the emergency room or auto body shop because your kayak isn’t securely stored. Investigate the numerous large sports equipment storage options and Orlando garage storage solutions Garage Design Works offers today.

Turning Your Garage into a Home Gym

It’s Wednesday, and you’re dreading your commute from work to the gym. You know by the time you arrive, the gym will be packed. You’ll have to wait to use the equipment. You also know that “Tom the Talker” will be there, the one who pretends to exercise but all he ever does is interrupt your workouts by talking too much. Wouldn’t it be nice to work out in the privacy of your own home? It’s not too difficult to convert your garage into a home gym if you follow these steps:

Clean out and organize the remaining garage-stored items. Dedicate one side of the garage for storage. Think about housing some of the seasonal items in overhead storage bins.  Purchase a wall organizing system for the larger tools you commonly use. Orlando garage storage cabinets will keep the myriad of items you need hidden and readily available. Store similar items together such as plant food and weed killer.

Decide if you want to insulate and sheet rock your garage to protect it from extremes in temperature. Select a floor covering, either indoor/outdoor carpeting or an aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance epoxy floor coating. If privacy is an issue, get blinds for your garage windows.

For as little as $500 you can have all of the equipment you need. Many times people sell high-priced gym systems which they bought but never used. Check sites like Craigslist to find good equipment for bargain prices. Determine how much space you will need for a bench, weights, bars, kettle balls, tubes and bands, and either a treadmill, bike, or elliptical if purchasing these items separately. Make sure the equipment that needs electricity is near outlets. If you prefer workout videos, dedicate space for a TV and sound system in your garage too.

For safety reasons, it’s important to check your form and posture periodically. Consider installing mirrors. If you don’t insulate your garage, make sure you have an area for a fan or space heater for temperature control.

Once you start working out in your garage gym, you won’t miss the commute to the gym, “Talking Tom”, or the gym membership fees. Stop by the Garage Design Works showroom today to see their durable Gladiator Premier Cabinets and Armor Seal Garage Floor Coating Systems. You’ll be able to start flexing those muscles faster in a beautiful, organized space.

6 Essential Garage Sections

P130028_36z.jpegHow often have you wasted time searching for your pruning shears, garden gloves or the kids’ beach toys in your garage? Wouldn’t it make better sense to have these items at your fingertips exactly when you need them?

Consider your family’s organizational needs when thinking about redesigning your garage. Each area or station should have its own purpose. For example, you’ll want to store outdoor gear, hobby items and seasonal items in different locations. When differentiating storage stations, remember the importance of accessibility and frequency of use. Store items that are used often in easy-to-reach places and not in out-of-the way places.

Here are six essential storage and activity stations for organizing your garage:

Changeover Station – Things you grab or take off when going in and out of the house. Store shoes, jackets, bags and hats on shelving, hooks or in cabinets near the door by the house.

Immediate Access Station – Place every day items like canned goods, bulk food, paper or cleaning supplies as close to the entrance of the house as possible. Consider using cabinets to keep these sundry goods out of sight.

Vertical Storage Station – Hang long, thin items such as rakes, brooms, shovels and other yard equipment on wall hooks for a non-bulky storage solution.

Bulky Item Station – Use ceiling-mounted shelving space to store holiday accessories, camping gear, surf boards and other hefty items. The less you use something, the higher it should go to free up additional floor space.

Outdoor Fun Station – Consider a wall-mounted storage area for your bikes, golf clubs, tennis rackets and other sports equipment to satisfy the urge for some fun exercise.

Hobby/Workstation – Create a space for your favorite hobby such as gardening, woodworking or crafting. A height cabinet with a flat work space on top would work for these activities and afford you extra storage space.

Make your garage a safe area by storing chemicals and cleaners up high out of the reach of curious little ones. Place their toys, balls and other outdoor equipment lower where they can easily reach them.

Knowing where to locate everything will give you peace of mind especially, when you’re in a hurry to get something done. Additionally, having everything in its place with Orlando wall systems will free up lots of extra garage space for parking cars, having parties and engaging in your favorite hobby. Contact the experts at Garage Design Works today to create your 6 essential garage storage and activity stations.