65330_123373534382968_7267339_nGarage storage used to be limited to placing boxes, bins and all sorts of items on the floor, stacking things outwardly until you’ve run out of usable storage space. Thankfully, it has significantly improved with the help of Garage Design Works. Their Orlando garage organization experts give you better options for storage management.

One of the best methods for maximizing garage storage space is using the concept of vertical storage. For instance, installing Garage Design Works patented “slat wall” tracks are a clever way to create numerous customized storage options in a sleek way.

Versatile Hooks

There are a wide variety of hooks that work seamlessly with slat wall organizing systems. The type of hooks you choose depend on what kind of items you want to hang on the wall. The upward loop of the cradle hook holds a garden hose securely in place. The big hook is ideal for storing yard blowers and trimmers. Alphabet hooks such as the “J” and “S” hook make it easy to hang small and tall items.

Small Item Bins

Figuring out where to put all those small items that tend to collect in your garage can be a hassle. Small bins hanging on a slat wall are just what you need to hold your collection of nails, bolts, tiny parts, and screws for upcoming projects.

Vertical and Horizontal Bike Hooks

Instead of parking your bike against the wall, you can opt to store it off the ground with either vertical or horizontal hooks. For vertical storage, lift the bike up on its rear wheel and slide the front wheel into the hook. For horizontal storage, the hooks extend outward to hold the bike frame.

Golf Caddy

Keep golf clubs and gear neatly organized with golf caddy storage bins and hooks. Each bin is large enough to hold your golf bag with the clubs tucked inside. Directly underneath is a smaller storage area for your favorite golf shoes.

Mesh Baskets

Mesh baskets are attractive because they’re sturdy, yet flexible, and you can see everything stored inside at a glance. These slat wall baskets comfortably hold sports equipment, kids’ toys, hobby magazines, and other items used regularly.

Storage Bin Holders

Standard storage bins have multiple uses, and they work wonderfully with a slat wall system. The storage bin holder features two large metal arms, and bins sit securely inside open slots. When bins are filled, the weight of gravity ensures they stay put.

Need help with creating a customized vertical storage plan? Sifting through stored cluttered in your garage and figuring out which storage option is best for all that clutter isn’t fun, which is why Garage Design Works is ready to assist you with creating a custom Orlando garage organization plan. Call us today at 407-447-8890 to find the best organizing options to fit your needs.